This Is One Of The Best, Richly-Rewarding, Most Profitable Investments On The Planet At The Moment!

This Is One Of The Best, Richly-Rewarding, Most Profitable Investments On The Planet At The Moment!

Before technology, biggest moneymaking opportunities were available only for the circles of power - connections, insiders, politics...

what I will tell you now will shock you to the bones as it is not politically correct.

If you want to profit WILDLY, you have to have an unfair advantage over others.

Why unfair?

Because if they could what you could, they would take it with the blink of an eye.


If you could get a big piece of land at the main square in your city... for dirt cheap, way undert he market price, wouldn't you?

Now, why unfair?

Because, also wouldn't your friend or friends also want it if they could get that same thing, at the same price.

But that is how the richest people were born!

Not by public deals.  By insider deals.

How did russian Oligarchs became billionnaires?

By being close to government and getting pieces of national oil company for dirt cheap.


How did American Tobacco became multi-billion, maybe even a trillion dollar business -- through lobbying and through insider connections making it possible for them what wouldn't be otherwise available.

Everybody would take those deals, you would take that same influence to sell popcorns or to sell fruit or car parts when the law would say you can be the only one in town!

The unfair edge is the one that others can't get... and you only can.


**And then Technology changed everything**

For the first time, with the rise of technology, new riches came that were not corrupt, not from circles of power... just had an asset, that belongs only to them... and that one is located


...right between your two ears!

with technology and intellectual capital, patents, internet... came new riches, good people, like you and me, who were just doing a good thing.


For their successes I am proud.  And not just because they succeeded, but because they succeeded in spite of the centuries-old circles of power -- they didn't ask for their blessing, and yet they became wealthy.

Technology changed everything.

Technology is unstoppable.


"Technology Advanced Enough Is Indistinguishable From Magic" - someone said

think about that for a sec.

And now... the biggest. the richest circle of power is about to be fucked, because of technology.


**Who Is The Richest On The Planet**

The same circle that is printing the money you are using.

Did you know that the Federal Reserve is a privately owned company!!


You read it right.

It is a privately, not government owned company.  That supersafe facility storing cash and gold for the times of crisis.

Wondering who owns the company?

Rothschild Bank of London 
Warburg Bank of Hamburg 
Rothschild Bank of Berlin 
Lehman Brothers of New York 
Lazard Brothers of Paris 
Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York 
Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy 
Goldman, Sachs of New York 
Warburg Bank of Amsterdam 
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York 


Names sound familiar?


And no war could stop them. I am not saying they did something most others wouldn't.  I am saying, it's about to end.  With what?


With the only asset that can't be printed.

that can't be burned and new created.

with asset that is hardly limited in quantities.





you think they are unaware of bitcoin yet?

Think again!


Highest paid people they have... they have manipulated the markets since me and you were in dipers...

and they don't know what Bitcoin is?


Okay, so you agree they do know about Bitcoin.


Now tell me, regardless whether they believe in it or not -- remember, they are 'legally' - with the power given by you and the rest of the population - are printing money legally.  Buying some btc for fiat is a no brainer bargain for them, no?

So, what they want to do...

they want to shake it, the market using the tools we don't know of.  I have the top analysts in crypto, I am working like a dog day and big chunk of a night... yet I am , or anyone else for that matter we are weaker than their powerful market controlling strategies.

And I don't talk here about the owners of the Federal Reserve.  I talk about the power circles in general.


You must realize you are at war.  Yes, for your freedom.

Right now, for $100 you earn... 30-50% goes for taxation,

but 90% goes through banking manipulation to make your very dollar worth less.


You put a dollar in a bank... that dollar is loaned out... it's yours just on paper.  if everyone would come to withdraw at the same time, bank would just announce they are not able to pay it.


They use your money.


Your money is not yours.


Do you know how rich you are?

Please, don't be a fool - with technology, all the advancements... do you still think you should be working your ass of like our fathers and their fathers before them did?


Do you really think that the world is not evolved enough for you to enjoy more without worrying for your safety?

According to some, banks use for every dollar issued $100 dollars. -- a hundred dollars!

Imagine your salary is fucking rock bottom... just $200 a month... with all money being yours in the scenario of the bank -- you would be making with free money -- $20,000 a month!

If you have $1,000 salary - you'd be making $100,000 a month!




Right now we are in bear times... and recently new manipulation started so even pro traders don't know where btc is heading in micro movements... some will say they do, yet they don't have clue what they talk about.

You see - people are very egoistic, self-oriented creatures... and they think just because they won, that it was fair and right... they thought if they follow some bullshit protocol that is currently winning that it is in fact winning.


At any given time almost equal number of people go long (bet on the price to go up) and go short (to go down)... someone has to win... just they don't know whose strategy they are dancing to.


The First Rule Of Getting Rich In Crypto is: DO NOT SELL!

To illustrate you this, let me share with you a strategy I gave my wifey in 10 minutes and taught her how to play no-limit texas hold'em poker against world pros, with almost no advantage to the pros... regardless how she reacted... regardless even if they knew what she was doing!

She was playing pre-flop all in.

The hands she would play, she would always put pros all in.  Because I explained her... the moment you let them play against you, they win and you lose.  They know odds better, they know the game better.

So far she had 4 final table finishes, last week she ended second... and her stats are +5% in the games.  She plays for fun only, but regardless of that, why not stay in profit?

The moment you sell your crypto you let them fool you.

Their big bearish scare tactics are the same thing they are doing for ages...

if you don't report taxes, you go to prison.

If you don't allow your ass to be checked at the airport, maybe some terrorist one day will attack you.  Even though, as horrible as they are the terror threats -- they have taken thousands of lives, compared to millions taken by wars, money-driven wars.

More people die from cigarettes than from terror attack.

It's all designed to scare you... to give up your rights.  Because free man is a dangerous man.

Did you notice, bigger denomination bills are now out of circulation?

they want you to spend on cards... why?  because they can track your purchaases with cards.


They can't track shit with crypto and you're free to do whatever you want.


And don't buy their bullshit, MOST, 99% of people are good intended, positive, peaceful people.

A well funded police can capture bad people even without having to check your ass, waste your time,...

The time to enter crypto is now... even if you are in crypto already.

Look at this chart:

Everything collapsing, right?

wrong... it is a daily chart of Bitcoin in September 2017.

This is what followed:


Now.. if you sold at that bottom, you're out... and there is no gain for you - you lost.

If you held... you 3x your money.

Now watch this...


Dipping like a brick...right?


See what happened:


8.5x gain -- on ONT!


You see the pattern?


When is it the most profitable to buy?  In bullish times or in fear times?


for your own good.

When is the best to buy?  When there is blood on the streets.

There are two types of people - those who live stories and those who read other's stories...

do you want to be the man who bought ont at the bottom and sold high?

do you want to be the man who bought pundi at the red times and sold at 20x higher?

I actually did that not in my premium, I gave them first yes, I did that publicly - in the free channel also, and you can go and see and testify to it.

You are the witness, in tamper-proof telegram posts, you will find when I gave ONT, when I gave pundi amongh others like theta, zil, bnb, blz, eng...

gem, gem gem,...

And now the market crashed... and people come to me and say: "hey D, I want to join premium, but I will wait for the bull times"??


Are you fucking mental?

Bear is when you make your victories... not bulls.

And because I want to see you succeed - now the bitcoin is at 6900, you will make either 50% profit, by having it at 10k or you won't pay for a single renewal and I'll finance the team out of my own pocket!

Now how fair is that?

It's almost a make profit guarantee!

Here's the deal: you will either get to 10k bitcoin or get the signals that make you at least 100% profit... whichever comes first... or your membership doesn't expire.

The time to buy is now.  Not in bull times.

And I give you this guarantee, valid until 10th of AUG -- actually valid until the end of 9th, so you can make the right purchases in case ETF goes nuts and catapults us... so that you buy at the bottom of the chart not at the top.

To take me up on this offer, contact and should you need help, contact @cryptokanik on Telegram now.

The time to buy is now.

Whatever you do, whatever you decide today, whether we see each other inside premium or not... just do one thing... DO NOT SELL!

This is our chance to freedom. Some will profit more, some less... but if it goes as we all believe in it... everyone will profit... except those who sell.  stay in crypto.  Believe.  Because together, we are the force.



P.S. The time to join is now not just because of the perfect timing to buy, but because we are forming a Cartel.  The first links already onboarded... and I am getting amazing feedback from Premiums.  And it's just the first out of four links in total.  Premium membership had a bull run since the beginning, only increasing in the price, and it is reaching it's hard cap which I set that once it reaches it, no new members will be accepted until some quit.  This is the most advanced, most powerful premium in crypto.  See the results.  See the feedback.  See the tamper-proof results in the free channel... what I don't promise you is profit.  What I do promise you is an edge.  See our analyses... top notch, ahead of time.  If btc goes down, so does the zrx, even though we predicted ahead of time that zrx will be listed on Coinbase.  If btc remained even flat, not even bullish - zrx would 5x easy.  So be fair to yourself, I am not a magician, and this is the real deal desigend to get you an edge so that when the preparation meets the opportunity, you have an amazing story to tell, where you bought, what you bought... and how much you profited!


The moment you join premium now, you will get:

  • Our bearish-proof supercoin!  The coin born in bear times, designed to become one of top 5 in no time.  Super strong and resillient... probably the only alt that makes sense to invest in at the moment besides btc.
  • A list of prices and coins and full blown analysis on what to get to prepare in event of a flash crash to pop a champaigne open and celebrate on the way up

  • You get access to the instant signal sending bot, chat and the backup channel which will teach you a bunch.

At the end of the day, it's an investment.  In your edge.  Try it for a month... use this UNIQUE, first-time-ever-offered deal where you have a free ride until you make 50% profit on btc from this point... join now because I'd hate if you would miss out this opportunity.

The bearish times are the opportunity, not the bullish.  

When every Joe wants to join in, it's already when I want you to be in your positions, recommending them to Joe who will recommend them to Jim, who will recommend to Jimmy... pumping the price naturally and aggressively... while you... smile.

I know one day you'll join premium if you're smart investor.  You simply will, the amount of custom intel is too valuable to miss out.  Outsiders are late. This is just my urge to do so now because the times for smart investments are now.  

Your fellow members will greet you on the first open chat session and show you how we care for each other.  There is no Premium service like this one in crypto.  Not by a mile.  The time is now, and you're an investor.  


Contact @cryptokanik for support

Contact @bwregisterbot to get started

Do not sell your bitcoin.

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