Think Of Humanity... Put Money Aside (at least once!)

We are in this together...

The rainforest that produces about 20% of the world's oxygen is burning, and humans are likely to blame

I piss in the ocean, you swim in it... and the other way around.


We breathe air together. We share many things together, yet we think we are so self sufficient we don't look at what's going on.

Amazon forest is at risk of burning. Get your ass up - find some source that can help - and donate, organize, share and make aware.

Nature can live without us. We can't without the nature.


Brother D


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  • 89
4w ago
Well said D man, fuck the money for the Notre Dame in Paris, spend it on the beautiful and so important rainforest!
  • 30
4w ago
Fools Gold
  • 447
4w ago
All the technological advances we make will be useless if we’re not around to use them!
  • 66
4w ago
  • 66
4w ago
Google Amazon Rainforest
  • 8
4w ago
I am sorry D, but I live in Brazil and most of the news that are being spread out lately are just to attack the current government. There was a video posted on social media yesterday of a native indian woman saying they are putting fire to the forest and blocking the roads with burning tyres to attract attention and drive the guilt to the government, but, the person who posted the video didn't speak portuguese and didn't understand the true context of the thing, so, spreading fake news in order to make people think that the deforestation has increased when, actually, its numbers are the lowest over the last 10 years. Protecting the Amazon forest is important and I support your suggestion, but please, do not spread fake news.
  • 308
3w ago
Sorry d4i but you can't be serious. The whole world sees it and there is proof. (Pics from space, filmteams on site, but the President likes money more than oxygen for the planet... and doesn't WANT to see any connection with global warming and rainforests... he just wants to monetize everything. The farmers like it.)
  • 37
4w ago
Well said D man . Thx!
  • 320
4w ago
Donate?!?! Those organisations are just as criminal as banks!!
  • 320
4w ago
Maybe focus more on other things...
  • 298
4w ago
good advice
  • 154
4w ago
Totally agree D. Thanks for bringing this up. This is not fake news d4i. DYOR! Right now there are over 2500! active fires burning in the Brazilian Amazon. The Amazon is on fire and the fucking Notre Dame got way more press and donations from the elite mother fuckers than the giant fires raging in Brazil. I don't give a flying fuck about Notre Dame. You are spot on nb! Crypto will and does, make positive changes for the world as the majority of peeps in Crypto are good people that care about the world and humanity, and not just their pocket book, yachts, mega mansions or private pedi islands. We will have our time and rise up and show the elites how to spend wealth for the good of humanity and not for our own selfish interests.
  • 361
4w ago
Totally agree with you D Man!
  • 0
3w ago
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2w ago
Well put, ancaps are going to save the world with all this artificial complexity and artificial scarcity delusion fantasy of making money off money, etc... Because technocracy + neoliberalism = freedom. Right!? "The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilisation." — Ralph Waldo Emerson