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They Laughed At Us When We Made The Short Prediction Against The Trend, ThenThey Saw The Charts Moving...


Only Blockchain Whispers followers were shorting.  

Free followers followed (and questioned gazillion times) the Sicario short which you can find any time when you go to tools and click Bitmex position calculator on this site. 

61.72% profit in pocket of those who followed.

Premiums members had their entire btc position in usdt. 

It got scary close to bullish at times. I informed move stop not wider but tighter as informed by really good, accurate Sicario Cartel to 6690 on Bitmex or 6720 approx on binance and said we are bearish until its broken.  and bam!  we dipped as predicted. 

You must note this move was against everybody.  Twitter, other experts, everyone. We, Blockchain Whispers, a couple really big whale insiders and of course the infamous Sicario Cartel.  

I am proud if this not because of me, but for you. 

I want to see you achieve your dreams and for me to know I was part of it.  

I instructed premiums now to switch their usdt position for tusd as at the moment, usdt is risky due ti Bitfinex stuff. 

Our new signal delivery system is working now so you can join and hop onboard directly from this web just click signals, take care of the membership and see you inside. 

If you can’t join howver, worry not, I will do my best to inform you here of critical bitcoin moves which me and my team manage to successfully predict. 


So proud of this, as I bet with a couple of experts who laughed at us for being short.  Sicario Cartel truly has an edge. Thank you for following.