Your Portfolio:

These screenshots that I post, I don't post to brag, I post to help you differentiate in the sea of...

bullshit deals, to find yourself a gem... and... to TRUST YOUR OWN EYES.


last 2 days
... all here - publicly demonstrated.

If you're savvy investor, go and read this channel from the beginning, and then you know upon which gem you stumbled upon.

So why screenshots?

To show you just a fraction of results, support and benefit this channel and Blockchain Whispers crew does for you. It's bigger than me now. For quite some time now; we have top analyst (zil, ont, eng, ... don't know if he ever misses), top TA, best in the world according to the most trusted professional trading platform Trading View (our EXCAVO is #1 of all time), then we have big btc fund manager Peter, then we have this new talent trader Mr. X who just released the 50x coin in Premium,... a bunch of cool stuff happening.

So I am saying this so you know you're in the right place, that you tap your good luck for finding this small crypto family, and to know that my aim is to be a bonus in your life for trading with crypto.

So how do I say it without public proof and screenshots? IT's easy to CLAIM to be the best, other is facts.

Nobody on Earth can say we are not the most accurate channel in existence because it takes a quick scroll up to see call after call, not even talking about amazing Premium calls, I talk about here, free, public demonstrations... win after win, correct after correct.

Of course, with success comes the naysayers, some don't like I announce these calls in public for free, some don't like seeing my channel grow with your support, some not liking the loyalty you're giving me (because this channel has support stronger than some 5x the size channels)... so I want to thank you and explain you that we are in a fight, fight with people who want to take away your right decision - because since they can't compete with us (and again because they are greedy or lazy)... they want to put us down.

Well, fuck 'em!

Congratulations for coming to the most accurate crypto channel in the World, and let's rock this year,