These above stats are just from Mr. X our small cap trader and TA. These are stats from our top...

analyst. These I had to do now and really don't have time to do so, but for you to understand the power of not being nervous but being smart - not getting out and in out of trades until you get more experience...

He gave ZIL at $ 0.058
reached $0.148 these days

signalled ONT at $1.49 here in the public free channel
reached: $10.59

current 8.8

BLZ: 0.36
high: 0.781
now: 0.611

ENG 1.93
now 2.75

You calculate the percentages. And he doesn't lose. He got out of HPB at break even, to put in ELEC. rest.. here... and now you have no excuse.

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