Your Portfolio:

There were only 3 ways to profit in crypto so far in 2018: 1. Sold at the top in Jan. - we did...

that, announced the first dips and the beginning of the down trend when everyone was still bullish.
2. Shorted on Margin on the way down
- we didn't give many margin trades due to safety of the new traders following the channel.
3. Been heavy in $BNB $ZRX $MANA $ZIL, NPXS and maybe 2 or 3 others out of hundreds of cryptocurrencies.
- We were among the first to enter ZIL when it became strong (all publicly documented here in this channel), we profited wildly on npxs, we short time traded mana for 40% and we profited 100% on BNB and we entered early ZRX.

If you compare our performance (a free channel) with top crypto funds, I'd say we did well in this bear market.

Yes, there were a bunch of shitty short term alt calls, not to mess around, and those cost us a bit in portfolio, but we did better than the most, lost less and gained more.

Now wait to see what bullish times are bringing :)

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