The Ugly Side Of Crypto People say they wish they were me. Every day, at least 20 people try to...

The Ugly Side Of Crypto

People say they wish they were me.

Every day, at least 20 people try to scam me.
Every day, at least 50 people try to tell me fake news about a coin to shill their project.

Every day, there are at least 3-5 guys pretending to be me or my admins, trying to recruit people to their shitty groups.

When I give some traders a shot, they suck my dick before they are kicked for inaccuracy, and then they show their real side.

The only trader I truly respect is Mr. Y - as he earned it.

He earned it because he is the only trader besides me who would invest AFTER you, and not before.

Chronologically, what happened:

Kia trader - I took him for a test month, he got fired after having 80% inaccurate calls.

Krypt Flash - a guy scammed me and Peter the whale because, he called me one day after I complaned to him about his accuracy, he told me that his grandma is dying and he needs money for operation. I used the money with which I was helping a local kids stimulate better education in early years... and I gave him that money as he said he needed it urently. Later to discover it was a scam by a guy named Robert whose grandma probably doesn't speak with him.

The funniest part, his identity was given to me by his girlfriend, who he also scammed haha.

Speaking of Robert, there are competitors guessing identities, some put me as I'm my own competitor, some that I'm a copywriter whose services we hired once, and some that I'm Korean although I don't speak a word of Korean.

Then RSS guys came - they had 11 inaccurate calls in a row, and on funds trading they lost, luckily my personal fund, they lost 40% Carl, and Luke went gambling to recover his 20% loss and made it 80% loss. He still owes me money so they think if they talk shit that it will go away.

They don't want me to talk about that. They want to feed guys with their fake justifications, where I keep my mouth shut, and they spread their fake shit.

What they did, once I gave them job to go find gems, they said I was inaccurate before they came... I mean doesn't that beat the purpose of them wanting to merge?

I won't go into private things as I still wish the best to each of them (although I do hope karma will teack Krypt Flash a lesson to talk bad things about his grandma and scamming people shamelessly that wanted to help him as friends).

Then there are leakers, who I feed with stuff late, then we collect them (as there is no point to give kick them all just to get them back, so we teach them a lesson), we then decide when to kick them and feed them first small shit then bigger ending with buy Bitconnect... because they want to scam you the legit user, who if you can't afford premium, benefit from this free group which I started to help you all. People think I needed the free group to join premiums. No I didn't, check my website, my about us letter is enough to join premiums. I have this channel because I love people in general, although sometimes it's harder to do so, and sometimes it does give me the urge to kick some ass... haha

So people think this is a piece of cake...

then on top of that you have a legit guys, who never traded in their lives... I had a guy, look, Mr. C2 has an excellent track record of +100% portfolio in the last 20 days or so... and a guy that just joined premium came, put all his money in one call and lost... who is there to blame?

That is not trading. That is a bad gambling.

Trading is realizing Mr. C2 has an edge, make a strategy to divide portfolio into safe amounts (all explained in premium) and trade accordingly... and at the end of the day, have more winning than losing calls making your portfolio growing.

Some people, like me when I was beginning get that, dust off and start trading properly... while some... blame you, others and come talk shit about you.

Even the most accurate traders on the planet — they have not the every call accurate, but they know their edge...

They know Risk to reward and portfolio management + with their edge it makes them money.

And now we are in bullish times baby... everything coming bullish and we, again have an edge. I sold btc at $20 shy from all time high... I announced here about the dump and to get out when everyone thought it was a joke... now, the pressure is big to get the bull momentum started. A correction or three, but the bull momentum is here. And we are about to profit. We are about to be rewarded for our patience, for watching some good positions bleed. I am not your hand holder. I am your extra EDGE. I want to see myself that way because then I can be only a plus in your life. I always tell you, do your own research... but I do mine also, and I then give it to you so you can do it big time. And this post — I decided to write not to bitch about greedy scum of people who talk shit about others... I can deal with them easily... otherwise I'd choose something else to do, something less-personal, less in touch with people.. I wrote it because I saw today that even though we use blockchain for hundreds of thousands of positive things.. there are guys who also like ying-yang... in every good there is little evil... they started placing murder bets on blockchain. We must know that even dispite some side-effects, the greater good of Blockchain is superior to negatives... as is aspirine with side effects... I'm not a saint either... far from it... but when it comes to this channel, I want us to do the absolute best. And Btc is showing us a tropical island on the horizon, some of our sails are damaged... but with binoculars we can already see girls on the beach with two big coconuts.. Thank you for your loyalty.

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