Your Portfolio:

The trailing script is being coded. Thank you all for your warm, magnificent support and willing...

to assist in the project.

I have another interesting announcement to make for the guys over (at least 10 btc)...

I am now testing high risk high pace daily investing program and I am shooting to double their portfolio in a month. Should I succeed, I'll let you know. I formed a small group, to test it so far we had one trade 5%, one trade 10% one trade yesterday 25%+10%

So far no losses.

However, some will occur it's normal.

The aim is to make more than you lose :)

I am tweaking it now and working closely with the 5 Lions - testing it and fine tuning.

Findings from this group will help me identify ways that are more profitable across all groups - and form one elite signalling team that is as close to our personal funds management as possible.

Just higher paced, higher risk - let's think of it as how I invest personally when I don't do stupid things.

It's called the D-man's Lions program. And the waitlist already started. If you're interested, let me know at @unicornmaster - as soon as I have some confidence I can make it worth your investment and making you happy along the way - I'll let the new users join.

This is our new addition.

Also - we hired a new trader - a brilliant guy - yesterday's 45% profit - was his work! #respect