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The Top Three Major Impacts On BTC Price... And The ETF Isn't One Gold Before Futures was...

The Top Three Major Impacts On BTC Price... And The ETF Isn't One

Gold Before Futures was rising.
Gold on Futures started falling to almost 50% of it's value.
Gold after futures rose 6x-12x depending from where you look.

Bitcoin is gold on steroids - because of multiple impacts.

With that comes the speed of execution. If the hystory and the economy of gold works in this case, and the odds are solid it does - the spike should start happening soon.

Second, Sellers... as institutions and guys in the know wanted to enter bitcoin, they used their media, and influence to start the fud. There are less and less sellers of Bitcoin, and that is the fact. People willing to buy it are way more than people selling it at this price. If I could tell you how many 50k to 300k bitcoin requests I get per month, you'd see the demand is by far superior to supply. (so someone doesn't misread, I am not having hundreds of thousand to sell but people come to ask me how to buy such amounts and send proofs of funds and everything, so I know their offers are legit).

Third, ETF
we all talk about ETF, but pro traders talk about etf only in two perspectives and neither is that on 10th it starts spiking. That one is the only one I can almost guarantee you as wrong.

There are two factors to look with ETF: the bullish expectations by the mass until 10th, and the real fact when the ETF is in play that each share will cover 25 bitcoins which means, people will be able to buy shares the way they used to do...and there will be shitload of new money coming into btc wanting the same like guys who asked me to buy btc did — to buy bitcoin. Bitcoin becomes a scarce good, and thus the price increases.

Do you need any further proof?

Timing can fuck us. I am willing to bet my own money (and I am) that the btc is great investment. The force is present and like a strong magnet, it can resist, whale-play, but it must go up... now, or after one strong dip... some predict $3-4k (which would make sense to liquidate all longs)... either way, it has one direction to go.

Stay calm and happy in good position, and if you're able to... in case it dips... top up.