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The Ten Trade Challenge - First Trade Done (A Success!)

The Ten Trade Challenge - First Trade Done (A Success!)

Trade 1/10 - Done
Target 1 = 11.28% profit - hit
Target 2 = 15.79% profit - hit

10% of portfolio used.
Imaginary starting portfolio: 1 btc

Sum risked = 0.04 + 0.06 = 0.1 (10%)

exit output = 0.044512 + 0.069474 = 0.113986

Profit = 0.013986 (13.4%)

Portfolio now: 1.013986

Gains to overall portfolio 1.4% profit


Our plan is to do proper trades with proper portfolio management. We are not aiming to HIT ALL, we are aiming at the end of the ten trades to be in plus while trading with calculated risk and making consistent progress. If this happens as planned, I'll succeed to bring bull period to Premiums even in bear times, but also gain respect in your eyes because every now and then I share with you trades for free, and you will know the value even better.

Thank you for following.

Also - I might get an idea, what or where I can help you the most... and that is in bear times - patience and discipline... if you have that, you trade stress free and you do it well on the long run.