The Team

Blockchain Whispers team is not the smartest, fastest, most lucky...

but every single one is the hardest working in the industry in their field.

M - he lives to improve his trading.
Bunny Chaser - see his Litecoin Price report
Y - when he is in the mood, there is no better analyst than him. 100% accuracy for Coinbase listings - he told us about Tezos fundamentally (not charts based) so much ahead of time that many gave up already on Tezos (myself admittedly included)...
Me, D - many even ex 'haters' contact me now and say that I am the most persistent person they have seen. My keyboard lost letters and you see all the helping, valuable articles that created Whispers as it is now.

Miss J - aka Jchica - badass TA and alts trader.
Our coding team - see the wonderful features you're getting, it is a result of out-of ordinary wake up, code, sleep, dream Blockchain Whispers type of life. Tomorrow you get one community - engaging surprise you will love.
Mr. J - a great great Blockchain Whispers friend, TA he competes with M on calls. Accuracy being the main one...
Mr.A - my so bright protege, that scares me at times when he sees something I don't. So proud (when I'm not feeling too old).
Always present Alfred - Alfie does behind-the-courtain more than even I could imagine, and never complains, here is for you enjoy Whispers.

Also our research team: Z, E, Mr. Y, Bun Chaser, Dr. Oz,... - I truly feel that even the worst in the team is able to outperform any other public research source and still dance laps around them. 

And finally... R - genius and completely out of ordinary trader - questions our and we question his approaches daily, however when two completely different methods get results... when combined together - can point to weakness or strength more accurately than anything.

In Blockchain Whispers team - all these people have one thing in common: working hours don't exist. We work around the clock. We live and breathe this.

This is what you get with Blockchain Whispers.

Do you think, do you truly think any other channel, group, team,... can outperform us on the long run?


No. Fucking. Way.

And best of all - how I found my team?

They all love Blockchain Whispers! 2018 I spent all my earnings chasing accuracy in toughest times, because I knew those are the times that matter. Everybody can be profitable in the bull run. We tested the 'loudest', the most recommended, most famous traders... only to distill the best of the best. Rest, mostly, failed miserably.

There is one final team member and that is you - I wouldn't do it without you. So many amazing, amazing people in here... I pushed myself to treat everybody fairly and show how I appreciate. Even with much efforts, it is not possible to do so - so I want to tell this way - THANK YOU.

Together we are not creating a signaling service - we already have the most accurate crypto signals in the universe. And yes, I tell that in bear times. Even after we all suffered a blow in 2018... that is market, but we suffered less, profited more... and stayed together.. And THIS... staying together, loyalty of the entire Blockchain Whispers community is the reason we get so many early news, insiders, powerful opportunities.

Because many corporate fucks would like to hate 'arrogant' D man - but they can't. D man is to those who know him the most loved guy in crypto. D man is the guy that bullies cocky coin makers by sending them hundreds of messages, by just asking you: "hey, send a message to this guy" ... and this way they all know what Blockchain Whispers is. They give us insiders. You get insiders. Outsiders miss out.

And regarding D man... I am humble. I am appreciative of you, and my amazing team here. I am fortunate to be a sailor driving a crew of ordinary people... men and yes women to break free in this unfree world... and achieve the wildest dreams.. or at least know... we put up a fight and had a chance of making it happen.. we made banks, corrupt paper-printing politics.. life harder, by sticking together.

There is no coin maker (except Satoshi), no project... that can resist the power of you and I together. They either love us or bend over and then love us.

See that chick today that emailed me because I put an image of a Lambo and a chick with boobs lying on it — she was 'offended' - lol - she expected a reaction of me giving a fuck. This is the best feeling in the world. I told her - you can stop that 'offended' act or you can simply miss out on good trades. Because big boobs, spanking and stuff like that continues.

And intelligent girls (and hot ones!) understand it fully well.

Don't be afraid of a guy who openly spanks a chick. Be afraid of that conservative banker who acts all polite and pushes his desires so deep that they become twisted... and then you hear about him ordering girls to shove carrots up his...

you get it.

Don't fear honest guys. Fear those who say "thank you" while they prepare to stab you in the back.

We together are a phenomenon. Blockchain Whispers is a revolution, a movement, a family of good-hearted people sticking together. I think we somehow even enjoyed the hard times of 2018 because we showed each other how we can be together and still win by sticking closer together than any Cointelegraph or desk ever could. They are sites for strangers... we... we are brothers that stick together in crypto. And guess what - we win!


Every time!

So here's to big boobs, 'offended' feminists, and bitcoin that will make us all - the early adopters rich and proud.

Until then... let's trade and have good fun on the way!

Your D

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  • 205
5m ago
lead the way ❤
  • 129
5m ago
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, well I guess I shouldn't say "thank you" as i don't want you to see my Gerber dagger there Caesar so I will say simply......................................"happy trails to you and us all". Up Up and away into 2019 and more so 2020!!!
  • 301
5m ago
D Man, your words, just make me want to play the theme song of the hit TV show 'A-Team' :) Best family team Ever.
D Man
  • 4053
5m ago
haha nice nick!
  • 77
5m ago
awesome, more power to all of you guys. Would love to see if i can be part of your team somehow.
D Man
  • 4053
5m ago
you are. Find your own contribution. Even your comment of presence makes us stronger. This is badass!
  • 231
5m ago
Let the BCW story continues!
  • 307
5m ago
Well said! D Man!
  • 530
5m ago
Many thanks for the introduction of the team. Greetings to the team an the whole BCW family
  • 181
5m ago
Maximum Team D Man, yes lead the way - and I must say - the signals - YES - THEY WORK !!! Superb.....!! sometimes with a little patience - but they work!! A proof for U and UR absolute top proffssional team!! My respect & continue like this - Greetings to all!
  • 71
5m ago
Big boobs, Natashas and spanks been making the world go round. WE SHALL CONTINUE!!
  • 877
5m ago
Thank You to each one of you to be so passionate & dedicated to the Crypto cause. You peeps are really Awesome. A special Thank You for Dman & Alfred for motivating me so much. Though I know I can't be part of this cool team as yet (I would have to really work my ass off for months to even reach where you peeps are already) hey but I assure that I will keep adding articles & comments & promoting BCW to contribute in my own way.