The Story Of A Celebrity Escort Girl I just had a 32 minute long phonecall with Mr. Y - my top...

The Story Of A Celebrity Escort Girl

I just had a 32 minute long phonecall with Mr. Y - my top analyst.
He has a problem, he is TOO good.

And not for his good. He sees a coin that has a true blockchain need, goes through whitepaper, goes through github,... I mean who the fuck goes through github — I can tell you, an average Joe doesn't!

He is too good for crypto market at this stage.

I tell him to adjust, to understand that if a coin is really long term, then sure, his analysis like the one on ELEC, ZRX, ZIL etc is needed.

I put ELEC first because elec is in minus now and elec is a long term coin and as such, it doesn't matter the temporary status of a coin...

But on a short term, and in this stage in crypto, you need to adjust to

He couldn't understand it, and the odds are if you're very thorough person, so won't you - so I'll explain you with the same words I explained to him...

What's the story of those instagram gold digging hookers, that are playing hard to get?

There is a site called tag the sponsor or something like that where they found like fifty or more conversations with popular instagram stars agreeing to eat hummus with a cammel of a guy pretending to be a rich sheikh, yet same chicks were blatantly refusing good and polite guys with normal family-like pics.

Basically, if you do the value analysis like Mr. Y would - he would say something like this:
age: 26 - slowly over her prime
fucked: by many - value dropping
market price for such service: $100
her price of say $2000 is 20 times overpriced

However, here's how average joe thinks

she is popular, thus her pussy isn't loose anymore, it's golden.
She is an angel waiting for him to rescue her. He just needs to donate her a Jag because poor girl doesn't have what to drive to her college... but if he doesn't, she won't talk to him, give him the time of the day... the definition of fomo
poor shmuck ends up paying for a bubble priced assed without bubble like butt.

So Mr. Y found me a coin that he says is not too good blockchain whise but it's supported by top people in sports.... and how many fans top sports have... they are not rocket scientists... and then it reaches other guys, from three sides that xxx coin is a good coin, what happens - it temporarily BECOMES A GOOD COIN!

So, you need to adjust to the market sentiment.

The same like in poker - a pro is losing if he just twice overthinks himself:
what is he thinking
what is he thinking that I am thinking...

... and in reality, most guys don't think that deep at all, they just play.

So first step for guys that came from the stocks, hard working, math guys etc, guys - do the calibration - market sentiment check... the odds are... you are TOO GOOD for the current phase the market is in.

And, once you become a kickass in what you're doing, a badass analysts who loves crypto, send me a message (I am not worried, if you're a thorough analyst, you'll easily find my contact).

For the rest of you - about bitcoin, there are two ways it can go up and down. Down it can't go for a long time, because it's an asset in growing demand, it can be temporary institutional, government, whale money play... and it's truly up to you are you going to sell them bitcoin cheap.

Imagine the worst case scenario - Bitcoin going to 4000. You can fucking open a champaigne, because it's rock bottom and there is only one way to go, and it's up!

Read my bitcoin analysis I made a couple days ago (scroll up), it's still current and precise like never. So precise I even gave free time to my premium members until it reaches $10k - because it will.


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