The Secret Of Crypto Success - By Mr. X

The following article is written by our small cap analyst and trader Mr. X -- he had excellent track record this year, with gains varying from 60%- 712% and in between.  This is the last article in the series of Blockchain Whispers Team articles that my team decided to contribute while I am recovering. I hope you will enjoy it.



From Mr. X:

I know many people entered the crypto space because of money. We want to grow our current fiat value. They read in the news how some cryptos have been jumping in price here and there and how it takes a minute for a coin to jump 100% unlike the stock market where some prices take 6 months to go 10%.

Then they get in and realize it is not all roses and chocolate in the crypto world. It is dark and light, many are still corrupt there and others sincere. The temptation to deceive is as real as ever. It's not a game, it's real. Yes, prices can jump very high within minutes but it can come at a great cost. Oh and not forgetting the headache of seeing the price go down even further when you're expecting a reversal. It is not the price movement that frustrates us, many think it is, oh no it is rather the various emotions - fear, uncertainty, doubt (FUD), disappointment, frustration, stress, even when there is profit, one still fears and panics, get stressed when they have not yet sold.

My fellow team members have rightly said it. Get emotionally detached. I guess many people didn't know that the best performing well renowned business men (Warren Buffet is a typical example) in the world have their emotions under control. That is why they have advisors, they calculate the risk, the reward and everything terrible that can happen and then they emotionally prepare for it before investing. That is just to keep their emotions in check, they research the projects they invest in and then use the roadmaps to make strategic investments. These are smart men. Statistics show that 95% of all day traders quit with huge losses. Do you know why? Emotions. They get stressed, they get tired. Then comes the most important aspect - THE WAIT. One thing really required is patience, if you've done your research right, you shouldn't worry, you should know exactly when to buy, hold, sell, and re-buy if necessary.

That's what you get here. It seems many haven't realized but the aim of Blockchain Whispers is not to always spoonfeed but to teach how to become like the team members on board. Imagine having all the strong skills of every team member. I'll say don't just invest, learn!

The worst thing you can do is to be lazy. Your money will devalue if you're lazy. Research. Open many tabs of many projects. Open If you're interested in mid cap crypto projects, start from maybe $100 million downwards to a target you set. Open each project in a new tab. Start researching, make notes, check the strength and weaknesses, forget community hype for a moment. Check the projects that incubate or harbor other projects such as blockchain platforms. Or dApps that are needed, such as agriculture, people don't focus here much but agric is valued over $100 trillion. After your research then prioritize your list, you can put low cap 1st or imminent community hype 1st, or both. After everything then invest, don't forget the risks. After that sit back and relax. Watch your investment grow.

Blockchain Whispers is just starting off and it's good a lot is taught to the free channel also. Even if you don't have funds to invest, just learn. Guess what, you can teach someone who has to invest and who knows, you might end up making something too.

It's a long journey that your start is very important. Don't start wrong, start right. If you've already started wrong then time to reevaluate. Stay safe. Invest and then trade as an investor.

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