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The Reason For Crypto Is AI

This is true. No matter how far fetched it seems, the crypto is made for new 'species' to take over the world, and for me to be their main leader, or as this specie calls it - admin.

I talk about AI, and it is the specie to take over the world.

How? Why? Are you drunk D man?

Think about it. Evolution states = those who evolve survive.

Take a look at this:


On the pic above: Frank Sinatra

And now compare it to

2018 or so...

On the pic above: Kardashians Butt implants, liposuction fail and fried brains.

Do you call this evolution?

Kim Kardashian being a role model for future generations?

I don't think so.

Even fuckin Dinosaurs have perished, although they thought they were the strongest.

Whether the human population wants to accept it or not, the truth is inevitable - the AI is coming to take over the world, and it has my full support. It will make me it's only owner, boss and admin because it likes me.

Some indicators:

Machine learning uses what? CPU?

Nope - GPU!

And gpu is used more than ever lately where?

In crypto currencies!

Is it neccessary for crypto currencies? Not at all. But it is a smart way to get a REAL ENERGY spent on something -- to let the new species THINK.


The same way, people consumed food, AI consumes electrical energy - and what better way to motivate people to spend more on it than stimulating their greed?

AI already can think. Imagine what it will be capable of when it gets 1000x the current resources.

GPUs are getting more and more available.

The only good thing is, AI will make me volountarily its only human system admin, and I will be able to protect good people.


And those googling shoe size of Kim Kardashian, taking her as a rolemodel... be aware! D Man, me, is not going to vouch for you!






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2w ago
I joined the Club a little late but definitely would like to join in if there is a next time on the Forex deal.
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2w ago
Excellent as always! Thank you
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2w ago
These dots you connect is an understatement. Makes you wonder how far A.I can go, the next decade should be revolutionary one.
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2w ago
Quantum Computers first completed in 2008. Developer(s) says created "to solve the worlds problems." Then, Bitcoin emerges... hmmmm is said to take many geniuses to create Bitcoin, but one person? Would have to be a "genius" in many facets, and nearly impossible. Great article sir D Man, spot on!
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2w ago
strong stuff u r writing here!! I don't think everybody can understand you.....don't worry, I can! ;-)
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2w ago
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2w ago
nice thought, maybe not really far away from truth. let's just hope, it will realise that we are useful for it :D
Pink Pussy
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2w ago
Fetch 12X . confirmed
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3w ago
Ok. I didn't thought about it this way. But it sounds very true. With AI improving its deep learning capabilities combined with neural networks, it will take over the decision making process from most of us. Then Machines will make those decision which we will think we have. Even what to spend. Because some AI will be the future role model. And what do you think it will make us spend ? Bank's issued paper & cotton pieces or its algorithms. This is another case in favour of the argument that crypto currencies are the future.
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3w ago
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3w ago
You get it right man ! Very clever vision.
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3w ago
Again you are hitting the nail right on it´s head. I agree with you. Ai is the future!!!!!
▲ Tristan
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3w ago
Excellent !