Your Portfolio:

The odds od this being the beginning of the bull move are almost 70% the odds of bull move very...

soon are 85%
the odds of any long getting rekt if this is not a bull move (if that 30% happens): 90%-100% (yes even 2x longs might get rekt if this is a strong fakeout).

So, why not wait a day or two... agree with yourself to miss a couple % gain so that on the long term you have a bigger portfolio because over 100 trades, the impossible will happen... the 7-2 will win AA... many times, so will be a couple of this strong fakeouts. This is your portfolio we are talking about. Let's do it like a lions, not a sheep. Trust me.

You shouldn't be in usdt, but you shouldn't go crazy with longs and leverage trade.

At this moment Mistake Nr.1 - leverage trading long
Mistake number two - being all in in usdt. Usdt is an useless coin that is used only in times of neccessity. If you have usdt - wait for a small dip and buy btc. You don't need a big dip... a hundred to three hundred bucks is enough... but and forget usdt.

Let's rock together!