Bitcoin Signals by The Most Accurate Crypto Traders In The World

Out of top 100 alts until September only 4 alts this year were green, 96 were red.

Out of four green alts, we announced 3.

There was only one big gainer with big volume that did 20x, it was pundix this year.

We announced that.

We announced ZRX to list on Coinbase before anyone, based on deep analysis of their requirements and tokens matching them, the team, and their collaborations.

We announced ZIL before it even hit binance.

We announced ONT that did 8.5x this year.

While others mostly were dipping and dipping this year.

So who has the most accurate crypto trading signals on the planet?

One follower recently explained myself to a new member who were wondering whether our crypto signals are not only accurate but also legit. This was the answer by our long-time follower to a new follower:

"Dude, I follow BCW since ~January (I read about it in Coin Telegraph i think). I have been paying close attention to the calls and they are no scam. They are legit.

 I know how u feel. It is very hard to find a good group. I have been in 2 other P&D groups and got burned from the first one. Small burn, but enough to set my trust to 0. So was very cautious. I just started trading by the calls 2 months or so ago (remember I follow BCW from the start of 2018). 

Followed the ZIL and PundiX calls very very closely since I had these from their ICOs. Also legit.

So, D man is a nice guy. Cool dude. He sounds cocky (he has to market his service u know - he will not pay for the team from his own pocket after all), but if you can't feel his sincere than just do the paper trading until u feel secure. 

So at the end I hope you don't end up like me - regretting not making trades earlier and not staking the full 10% for each signal."

This is the nicest thing when you see your followers explain you in the words you can't yourself. That 'cocky' attitude comes from my desire and frustration as there is no fucking way for me to SHOW you we are the most accurate crypto trading team in the world unless... if you open your own eyes.

If someone would show me ANYTHING this accurate, from betting on which corn will pop into a popcorn first... or football matches or roulette spins or anything... with such accuracy, you bet your ass I'd pay a careful focus with a sense of excitement.

Because it's one thing what I 'promise' will happen in my paid premium signaling service. That you can or cannot trust.. but the free signals, something you see with your very own eyes before paying a dime... if you don't trust that, then it makes me question either I'm not explaining something well (and thus 'cocky' out of frustration) or excuse my french... you are dumb as fuck.

Many followers recognized the opportunity, and hop on board in our premium service. But some wait for what? for 10x?

It's like I ask you

Do you want to multiply your portfolio at 2x or 8x speed and you choose 2x.

That's how I see the difference between my free and my premium group - safer, equally accurate, just more, faster, top, before, greater.

This is not a call for you to join Premium. By now you should at least have a plan to make your own decision, and what proof you want to get - but trust me, by the time you decide to join there might be too late: golden times gone, membership at cap (happened 4 times already this year), smaller gains (I can make us gains only for as long as we are the smart minority, not majority... so soon I won't be able to show off accuracy for free anymore, due to the fact I am exponentially gaining more followers by the day, Sicario became a brand for bitcoin leverage accuracy, D man for being obsessed with boobs and fit, hot Natashas and Blockchain Whispers for being the most accurate crypto trading team in the world!

It didn't happen overnight though

The Journey To Become The Most Accurate Crypto Trading Team In The World (And Signalling Service Along The Way!)

First I was showed that Bitcoin loves me when I by accident bought low very low and sold at the very top. 

Then there were 12 partners in Blockchain Whispers... and my love, my drive got 'D man' to push further and eventually me leading the Blockchain Whispers alone with partners not interfering with what I do.

Bit by bit we were down to just two partners as they saw my love for Blockchain Whispers and they decided they love to run fund more than to fuck with a bunch of noobs that blame you for every mistake they make.

I love people, so I found myself in this.

And then Bitcoin gave me some tough love - the first bear hit.

We accurately announced the dip, we announced to get out of the market... but what the fuck to trade on? We can accurately predict bitcoin, but what the fuck to trade if EVERYTHING goes down.

I was stubborn at first, knowing bitmex has a scammy attitude towards the group "system overload" scam among others... I avoided it.

... at my own cost.

When choosing between two evils one being not making anything and holding for greater future and other is fucking charging you 30% on top of all your earnings but gives you the ability to short... you choose the lesser evil.

So bitmex we did.

Along the lines I hired by far the most traders in crypto history... tested them one by one, giving them fair chances... only to realize, most of those 'celebrity' traders, have no fucking clue where it's going. They spend their times explaining you how stuff works because they can't give a clear bitcoin signal like:

Bitcoin vs USD

Now: 6150


Sell at: 7000

stop at: 5990

They would write anything and hope for something to hit. It was not unusual for me to see them making charts with up and down arrows, and only to see the coin go sideways like perfectly avoiding their drawn patterns.

THEY are cocky! You have no clue how much arrogance these guys have when talking with them. And they are inaccurate.

It cost me a while until I got the lucky break... ever since I stopped trading (April) when I had a health problem due to new-found stress and being overworked... I was on a hunt of top traders to keep Blockchain Whispers on the throne as #1 the most accurate crypto signaling service in the world.

After like three months of fucking painful trial and error, my lucky break came, and usually when the student is ready, the teacher appears.. so happened here - the trader appears...

and not one, but first came the Sicario Cartel, then came the bitcoin trader Hellfire (Bitmex Leaderboard Trader), then came S (my secret weapon I didn't even announce him yet), then came a consultant M, top fundamental analyst Mr. Y (the only person who called all Coinbase additions this year months ahead of time!)... all of the sudden the circle came together, and not for the money... as hundred million dollar funds asked for my traders and they didn't blink...but because they fucking like what I'm doing here.

I can now proudly say, Blockchain Whispers has the most accurate traders in the world!

Bitcoin Signals are the hardest to make!

You see, anyone give alt signals, anyone can predict: RSI oversold, supports, Elliot waves.. bam, buy here and sell on the resistance - done deal, but the father of it all is when you can give accurate bitcoin signals because bitcoin is the war zone in itself - top traders compete daily, and Bitcoin defines the beginning and the ending of alt season.

There is no alt growing, while bitcoin is dipping. It doesn't exist. That's why the first three quarters of 2018 were bearish for bitcoin and super bearish for alts. When you know bitcoin movement, precisely and accurately - you truly have an edge in crypto trading.

For Bitcoin Signals to be accurate, here's the trick:

First define the bitcoin trend

First you go from big timezones and define trendlines.. trendlines are important as they show you the general channel where bitcoin is now, and only then you gain precision while going from bigger timezones to smaller. If you are acurate with big timeframes and trendlines you can call yourself a successful trader and profit on the larger cycles. However, if you want to speed up your profit earning process.. you must use accurate bitcoin trends analysis and transfer it into shorter timeframe and see the price action, momentum and sentiment of the market. Once that is identified, you wait for the right setup and then you can give the confident bitcoin signal knowing it has ultra-high odds of being achieved.

This is what we do on Blockchain Whispers for you, daily. Sometimes, I post demonstration calls in free channel (@blockchainwhispersbaby on Telegram) or here on the homepage. Sometimes I post it in "signals" area for you to follow (requires free registration).

The secret behind Blokchain Whispers accuracy is YOU.

That is all thanks to you, to my followers and the motivation you give me. I am so grateful because I know the pain it is to have inaccuracy and what gratifying, empowering, aphrodisiac-like feeling it is to have superior accuracy, almost like cheating on lottery!

That is why this article, to warn you against the scam of sweet talkers would-give-ass-for-fame Youtube, Twitter,... 'celebrities'. With your own money, you don't be stupid like when you vote, don't trade with the ones you 'like' the most, but the one who is the most accurate.

In this case, you're lucky, because the most accurate one is also a quite charming guy too :)

Yours truly,

D Man

Blockchain Whispers

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You guys are awesome thats all i am gonna say!!!
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thank you.
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Where can I see your offical trade record?? Trade by trade.  

Thanks Leo Young
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Check this page for the history of our free trades:
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also you can check our signals here: