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The Moment We Have Been Waiting For


The moment we have been waiting for, played out exactly as predicted, the dip to this area and now it should start recovering and pumping... I am bullish on bitcoin now. 

If it drops more it will invalidate it. But this is precisely according to Blockchain Whispers plan outlined before and now we should see big rise of Bitcoin. 

I have to inform you because you're my guys.

Yeah baby... it's slow-ass action, but came exactly where predicted. Now the time to move up.


Unders SIGNALS - you can for free - if you register Blockchain Whispers account - get the more details on what's happening to btc now.



  • 95
4m ago
Thanks God I got some SBD to transfer ;0
  • 32
4m ago
Natashaaaa! BCW rocks.
  • 52
4m ago
You ROCK D! you got me excited first time after many red candles!
  • 7
4m ago toooo much bullish now than ever