The inveitable happened... a couple days ago started with chest pain, the 18 hr a day work sleep,...

a chick or two and back to work rhytm couldn't last more than it did.

Four months I was telling you answers when to expect signals, if you want to be a trader don't sleep.

Apparently, it's not humanly doable.

We together built this movement, Blockchain Whispers... with my passion, although not neccessarily the composition for it. The perfect guy for this sport is guy who cares less... You could have seen me getting hundreds of happy, grateful messages and me focusing on one or three bad, not understanding people.

I guess I needed thicker skin and slower pace.

Now I ended up having heart problems that doc pointed out exclusively to stress as every other line of my life is spartan-like — last four months I didn't party even as I did before. All to build Blockchain Whispers.

However, I did something.

I see you, I see the most powerful crypto powerhouse in existence.

Through this channel you learned, you shared love, you did your bearish market adjustments, you did your profits and you learned on your losses. We did it all, together, you and me focusing on accuracy.

On that journey I filtered among the best traders in the world to keep the best of the best.

I am fortunate that every weakness has it's strength in something, so my inability to tolerate bad people led me to make sure my teammates that stayed are only good solid-to-the-bone loyal people.

Now I will focus on strategic work, what and where I see this channel, to educate you into a profit machine so you can give yourself and your close people something you wanted to afford. That you can attain safety and security in life so you can show your true human colors. I truly want this to you and this is what Blockchain Whispers is designed for.

You will see some of D man's gifts in preparation for you — one that I'm announcing for some time, and some more cool stuff that are in preparation.

However, you will be hearing more from my team now. I cannot be involved in pms. I was suggested to even not work this at all - but this is who I am — however I must significantly slow down. So I can read but I cannot answer your questions. If you need support or wish to join Premium group, contact @cryptokanik — if this is a big deal you need to do with me only contact one or all of the following @cryptokanik @cryptoalfred @AC_C4Q and they will forward me the message. However it will be strictly limited. I don't want more than five messages a day at this point. If you wish to send your feedback, please contact @cryptokanik

The students have outgrown the teacher, and the team has outgrown me - now my team is the powerhouse my Mr. Y loyal as a dog, precise as a sniper long term analyst, Mr. X, C, L as my traders, gem guys, Mrs. A (yup a chick on board - now that I have heart problems, maybe I convince her to show me boobs as it's proven to make men live longer),.. in the core team plus almost 20 freelancers who send us when they have something ultra strong... is what makes Blockchain Whispers the most accurate crypto team in existence. If you want to receive our best picks, and have over 0.5bt you should join Premium @bwregisterbot

I thank you for all your support, due to health reasons, I want to be strong as a lion again, stress is for pussies, I want to get my shit back in order - because even 18 hrs a day isn't enough unless I prioritize and change the way I handle things.

The result I think will be even better for the Blockchain Whispers because now I did the diamond-solid foundation, now I have a team I can count on, now let me show you new hights by being a captain only and doing my job best, not as I did until now a sailor a machine man, a barman, a whatever and a captain.

I love to communicate with you so this is my first thing I did here when I came from hospital and got back, didn't read pms, and don't plan to for a while.

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