The following one is from our chick addition to the team. It needs brief pre-talk so you understand...

why you should listen to her. First of all she is a poker pro, loves crypto and claims she doesnt know trading yet somehow whenever she throws in: “I am not a pro you guys know better but maybe you should look at xxx” I know I better invest in her advice.

So here goes her piece of wisdom and a great help for me to see you progressing even when Im unable to do 18h day:


Annie, ‘how come you always have the best entries and exits’ when you don’t know TA?

I wish I got a penny for every time I hear this, so I could buy even more of Dman’s gems that eventually will give me both fancy shoes and lamas (Yes - I like Lamas)

I am not an analyst, I can draw a fib line or two but no I am not an analyst.

So, who are the best traders?
The TA and FA experts and experienced traders right?


The best traders are those who remove emotions from their trades. Those who hold their nerves and don’t panic. Those who trust their knowledge and instinct because emotions in trades are a weakness.
So, understand the cycle and decide before entering a trade, why you are entering and then trust that. Give your investment a chance to work for you.

If I sell I don’t look back, I am happy for the gains made. Last week I sold UUU, a cute little gem given to all of us for free, by Dman, sold it for a whopping 90% then day after it would have given me 148%. It did not bother me one bit - I smiled and said – How freaking cool for those who held! I did not even think about it for 2 seconds.

It is normal to feel worried, but you need to rest on your knowledge, and build more knowledge so you don’t have to act impulsive – reading BCW from top is a good start – joining our Premium is an even better!

FEAR is one of the worst emotions there exists. It is something which is not real, it represents something which may or may not exist. It drives you to make irrational choices based on how scared you are. In trading, money is not money. It's a trading stack which needs to be grinded and grinded and grinded to achieve your financial goals. There is a fine line between removing emotions and being stupid. Removing emotions doesn't mean you do not have a target sell or stop loss. It doesn't mean you don't have a plan. If you don't have a plan and just trade for the thrill, or the ride and for the sake of it then that's stupid.

Don’t be stupid. Join us – we have so many cool things up our sleves for you!

'Limits And Fears Are Just An Illusion '

Miss A

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