The Fishing Games When I started this channel, I couldn't do this because I needed to demonstrate...

The Fishing Games

When I started this channel, I couldn't do this because I needed to demonstrate Blockchain Whispers superiority in accuracy, precision and consistency. I had to pick calls between 20-40% gains, and get them each time.

I did 17 in a row.
23 if you don't count the call that we cancelled (poll) and replaced two days later it's losses with gains of another call.

For clarity, 17 accurate picks in a row.

I couldn't do what I did once I established our track record.

... and that is..

Crypto Fishing

read the post above.

Grasp it.

pundi did 20x in eth.

I was thinking long and hard how to make our, Blockchain Whispers edge that our analysts and traders have in the market, most profitable for you.

Then I decided to change the game plan. Instead of focusing at super accurate 10,20,40% gains, I decided to start fishing, and get us the list of coins that is so under the radar that once it succeeds that it does 600%, 1200%, 200%, 2000%...

I think currently, it is the best way to go in crypto.

Surely, it's harder to predict the timeframes, and it takes more time to execute... and during that time, mostly, the coin is in red as it's under the radar... however it then rewards the brevest and most loyal.

Since the beginning of BCW I had only two weeks I was not happy with - one in the first bear cycle and one when new trading team was joining when we gave the Stripper calls... for stripper calls I am waiting the right moment to give you the replacement calls. But brother, grasp it - two weeks compared to ... a bunch that others have.

The Roulette Wheel Theory

This is best described with roulette wheel.

I started by predicting 17 times in a row whether it's going to be red or black.

Then once I established the credibility, I started picking the numbers...

and with numbers, yes, we are more times wrong, but when we are right, it makes way more than being every time right on black or on red. it is 36:1 or something like that.

That is the story of Blockchain Whispers long term calls.

About our short termers, I still aim to be as accurate as possible, having a strong talks with traders when they miss and encouraging others to learn from our best traders. I personally don't trade short term anymore unless when I know there is a big news that will surely make it bullish, like I know what most don't, that now that Blockchain Whispers has announced pundi it will win. I knew that BNB was to rise until airdrop etc... other than that, I try to limit my trades, and focus on the team and BCW.


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