The Deal With D Man

Let's make a deal - I'll show you the most important factors to profit in the bull times, and you promise to... once agreed with it... stick with it.

I don't know if this is the bull run, however the price above 10k points out to it.

If it is, you know you have some time to make big bucks, and that is if you avoid losing it.

So, here are the rules of the deal:

1) If you are in bitcoin and things go south, you don't sell. You believe in Bitcoin long term... you don't sell. Yes, it will test your patience, but eventually will reward you. Nobody gets all the legs (ups and downs) correct. It's important you don't lose money.

2) If you are in alts... if it falls down and you expect it to go up, you can buy one more position, and that's it. 

3) Do not spend more than 10% of your total capital on ALL leveraged positions combined. It is just too risky.

4) have a gamble account of 1%. It can be high risk, whatever... if you feel you are emotionally impatient to not 'miss something', then first login to that account, execute all kinds of crazy trades you want... and then with peace come to your main accounts. 

NOTE: if your crazy account blows, and it will blow, still continue the same practice, join to it and show yourself "see! Faster gains is slow gains".

5) Every bull run comes to the end. So will this one. Plan your strategic steps of exising whether you are short or long term player.


BTC has now touched 13k and rejected to 12600.. If I am short term player, I'd exit now. If I am long term player, I wouldn't check it until we break 20k.

6) Every direction (long or short) has a retracement, correction,... don't panic when you see your trade going the opposite way. The winning traders win by consistency not by buying the very bottom and selling the very top.

7) take out a piece of profits. At least 10%... and spend it on non-investment-related instruments like: hookers, party, building a house, helping out your loved one, donating to protect young eagles.


With you in green,

D Man

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  • 163
7m ago
Amen brother
D Man
  • 240
7m ago
  • 277
7m ago
Thank you for this
D Man
  • 240
7m ago
This is our time... we were together in bear times for this reason, so that this bull run we profit more than the outsiders that will just join and not know what to expect.
  • 14
7m ago
That makes sense.
  • 16
7m ago
The commandments. Respect.
  • 75
7m ago
Well said. Thx
  • 418
7m ago
Thank you, nice one!
  • 170
7m ago
Gotta love you D Man!
  • 222
7m ago
I burned the tip of my my wings during and after the previous one. I am a big boy now doing his home work before investing . I learned alot from reading your articles. Thank you for your comforting words during this bear market
D Man
  • 240
7m ago
Pleasure hearing this.
  • 521
7m ago
great advice! bcw family
  • 10
7m ago
Mindblowing Advice Brother !!
  • 138
7m ago
 I pinky swear
  • 215
7m ago
The advise is much appreciated, Dman. Until a month ago, I've always put profits back into the asset. Have to retrain myself to remember to bank some profits. Selling at the .618 was great, but forgot to pay myself. LOL