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The Circle Promised To De-Throne Sicario Cartel... Within 12 calls!

Sicario Cartel had the first ten calls nine accurate, and one miss.

See past trades here.

Now, after following for a while, I am bringing you The Circle - crypto prediction force that boldly announces will out-throne Sicario.

The call one is about to be made... 

To make the challenge more interesting, I give The Circle 10 calls, not 12... so to beat Sicario, it needs 10 out of 10 accuracy. 

Taking your guesses - could The Circle outthrone Sicario?

The calls will be given 1 free-for-all, 1 Premium-only, until 10 calls are given in Premium and 10 in free. If The Circle manages to make 2 failed calls in any group, before the ten calls are given, it's out and no further calls given.

Let the profit-making games begin!

Blockchain Whispers Baby!




  • 21
4m ago
Sounds great. Where do the free calls get published? I see notifications on my phone that look like they are linked to the old telegram group but when I open them they disappear. Any help from anyone appreciated. Cheers!
D Man
  • 3223
4m ago

The calls will be published here on our Bitmex position calculator - when you go to Tools - Bitmex Position Calculator on this page... make sure you subscribe.


  • 9
4m ago
Can someone give me the link of the channel/website of the circle.
  • 356
4m ago
  Looking forward to the challenge
  • 94
4m ago
That's nice, i welcome such challenge.