The bull run is near... 1) Make sure you are not in usdt - or shit even if we go down for...

temporary corrections.
2) Make sure that stuff you love the most, projects you believe in and know inside out that you don't want to miss out on that you have
3) Make sure you have MAJORITY of funds in bitcoin as the bitcoin is going to be first destination of new money coming into crypto, no one comes and buys some token for cash, they first buy bitcoin and then exchange it... giving bitcoin more volume, liquidity and making it grow.

Basically, it is very in line with my analysis for 12121 as first decisive step in bitcoin, although with ETF and stuff it seems we will break through it.

If bitcoin is to be worth 100,000 - it has to start somewhere.

And it had enough of bear time and big trust of people who even after being rekt for 10 times still stood up and waited for this to happen.

We are near, this was designed to shake off non-believers, bullshit ico, and bring back in profit only true believers in blockchain and crypto.


Historically — people who believed the most, bought bitcoin at $2, $3, $100, ... $400... and they were rewarded.

For developing this awesome, brilliant, anti-government-manipulation technology.

Hey we can have next elections on blockchain!

So - people who developed it for us got rewarded.

Then people who knew nothing about crypto joined to wen Lambo... and it's obviously not sustainable.

They were to be shaken off...

And this bear run, long and strong, did exactly that.

Now, bitcoin is down, losers don't have faith in it... and it's time for us to shine. If you have fiat, invest more.. Because baby, bitcoin just warmed up it's engine, still cold tires.. driving behind the safety car.

The real race is about to begin...

This is the safety car round — slowly, it will go down a bit then go up... while preparing for the hyper days I told you about. Hyper days are any days that $800+ in a day.

And what to buy?

Well - Bitcoin is the best and safest.
After that come Coinbase new assets, first and foremost our ZRX and BAT (I didn't announce it, but coinbase seems to be liking it).
The only thing faster than that on a good volume is our super coin (revealed in premium) that is born in bearish times, designed to be in top 5.

And that's it.

Forget history... Forget alt runs. It most likely be one or two more alt cycles, but start shifting your mind like a pro — the alts are about to go to zero - most of them, and you don't want to be caught with your pants down.

Invest only in strong projects. Diversify your portfolio LESS. Know what you have MORE.

I stopped posting bitcoin updates because I am teaching you to rise up a bit more to a higher time perspective than hourly. Focus on days and weeks and months...

IT is not the advice you want to hear, because you want a coin that will moon immediately after you buy it — not now because you don't have time to buy but immediately after you buy it.

Now try to be real for a moment — when in life did this happen to you? That people are just handing over free money for a prolonged period of time?

It didn't. And it won't. Crypto is no different.

You are rewarded in crypto for being one of early supporters — that's what PAYS and EARNS you rewards. Not that you know some super pump coin before anyone.

Yes of course there are cases, many cases when you can know for a coin that will go up in price. I gave many in this channel, just now I feel I serve you the best if I balance a bit that shilling environment you find in crypto and explain you the logic behind it all.

How you lose money
in alt gains

You invest in alt - you gain
you invest more because hey this is good - you gain
and then, whoa there is no stopping for me — and then bitcoin melts it all down...

... whales end up winning you end up losing.

Bot, Hum
an, Superhuman

On one minute chart, when seconds matter, bots have an edge even over experts.
On five minute to 1 hour - experienced, fast swingers have edge.
1 hour — traders do, professionals...

And you?

do you have ten custom programmed bots? Servers, analysis in real time, staff or a team watching every corelated move? Buy power to change things? If you don't... then you must leave them the experts micro battles... as they can fuck each other only so much... at the end, the bitcoin must go up and bulls must win. So focus on weekly, monthly charts. You work your stuff, whatever you are working and have crypto as your investment in the shiny future. If you want to be earning something, then learn elementary charting and orderbook reading and start scalping, taking small profit daily on micro movements with tight stoploss (I'm planning to make a tutorial on that soon)... that's like grinding in poker... you can do that. But know what is your edge. It is a zero sum game. You must know your edge. Right now, your biggest edge is 1) You are in crypto ahead of the mass 2) You follow Blockchain Whispers ( ) ahead of the minority who is in crypto and following memes, bullshit channels, youtubers... However, my early followers remember, I could have posted you here calls easily and you all could have won. Now our buy power is so big, that it changes the direction... some guys here would close earlier than what I'd give as target so you wouldn't reach the goal, or we would pump it immediately so big that it would reach all targets instantly... like xlm case we did. So now I can only give you hints. Trust me, I will update you on anything important for you to know. You don't need to know where it's going in the next 15 minutes, as then you'll probably going to go to bitmex and get rekt even if you know the right direction.. My goal here with the group is to make you all love crypto. And to do so, I must make you all win. And how can I make everybody win? I can't by trading between yourself. I can only by making you cash in on NEW money that is coming in crypto. Buddy, why you want to trade with another expert trader, when now with ETFs the institutions will come in with so much money... that we can make them pay us for our time of holding and being smart. Does that mean I'll stop with alt calls? Not at all... as long as I have an edge, you have an edge. I wanted to solve the most important things first. To inform you where you are now at. What's the biggest opportunity (cashing-on on institutions), What to do if you're impatient (small gains scalping - to be explained soon), and what's the best edge for you and timeframe to look at crypto. I know it's uncommon for someone to want to teach you like this. For me it's simple - why not? Many of you have more money than me, and are still in crypto. I had ultra profitable businesses before that I quit for crypto and to this day I am earning less than in those businesses. But to this day I am not even for a day sorry for doing so. When I just remember having to pay someone overseas, wiring them the money, telling I wired... tell them tog ive me a couple of days, and then some bank holiday would come, then the receiving side would get nervous, not sure if you sent or not, and then you tell them to hold just a bit more, but then... you realize it wasn't sent at all because your bank wants to know exactly why you are paying them, asking you for not only invoice but for agreements as well... nosey assholes.. then I had cases when they would reject it just because they didn't like it. And they always make their commission, if they return it... if they process it... if they hold it. SWIFT is intentionally superold technology. Why the fuck it takes 3 days to send the money from one place to another? Why? Why the fuck your banker needs to know what you are sending? Why every single guy with access to your bank statement can read on your card slip that you bought a pair of sexy lingerie and some roses and booked in a hotel in the same city you live — why they need to know you have a mistress, who you are fucking... why they need to know what you eat? Or where you go (where did you slip your card)...

The growth is inevitable of Bitcoin. If you bought it three years ago, there was speculation up and down and still expert traders were outsmarting wanna-be-rich and ordinary folks in there for money... but guys who understood the technology didn't care to sell within a week (Warren Buffett, the richest known investor said the stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient.), they bought in 2013 and have it now... and they don't stress it dipped from 18k to 6k as they bought it not for $6,000 but for three dollars! The same like if you understand this important lesson here, you bought it today and don't fucking care why I don't give you hourly updates, because this is the only update you need... to understand what you are doing Blockchain Whispers Baby, D

you don't need to be a criminal not to want that. And under justification to catch under 1% of criminals... probably under 0.1% — they control everyone. Well, get better policing tactics, not to fuck, ass search, x-ray, innocent people that are supposed to be free! There is no free people anymore - go to an airport. Try not to put your hands on the steeringwheel when an angry policeman stops you, heck, even if you're high profile individual at some places, try to grab a chick by the ass and see what happens... freedom... it's bullshit police state not to keep you safe, but to exploit you, earn on you, and restrict you. I love people. I love true freedom. I especially value good people. But more things are achieved through talking and education than through beatings. How I make an impact? When some greedy asshole comes to me, I reject his offer... when someone good without expecting anything, truly expecting anything is good, I reward him... over time, the word gets out. If there are hundred people like me in a small community, soon more people realize hey, fuck that greedy game, let's just love each other, be fair, and work hard. Education. Of course, there is time to kick some ass when everything else fails... but first, communication, and with majority, majority of people you can achieve wonders though education and communication. Speed limits - the biggest killer in society! people just fail to think that way. Okay — say in a group of ten million drivers, 100 will get killed due to speed and inability to control the car. out of those 100, only 40 will be innocent bystanders and victims, 60% will be the speeding drivers themselves. 9 million 9 hundred thousand and 9 hundred people still alive! and what does 9,999,900 do? THEY WASTE TIME! at least 80% of those people and probably 90% are capable of driving above the speed limit safely, and get to the destination faster. Imagine how many people are KILLED by waiting in traffic jam: 10 million times an average of one hour a day of waiting being stuck in traffic or by slow traffic. It is fourteen lifetimes taken every single day — 14.88 lives (avg person has only 28,000 days to live). 5431 people KILLED every year on just a ten million driving society, due to SPEED limits. But there is worse! Average person stuck in traffic, and due to slow traffic... as usually destination you're going to is not to long to reach but the speed, traffic lights and stupid drivers and jams make it slow. Now take into fact that person every day has to: 1) sleep, 2) shit, breakfast, etc 3) work... there is VERY VERY VERY little time left, free productive time that you can spend freely on yourself. not more than two hours, and let's say three hours. With these numbers, tha traffic speed limits kill 3 MILLION PEOPLE IN A 10 MILLION PEOPLE COMMUNITY! What does that all have to do with blockchain? Well - blockchain prevents these stupidities. Us as people are easily manipulated by politicians who then are controlled by the money. Banks print money so banks have money. Banks force politicians so they prolong everything that's not in their favor. SWIFT — technology older than the internet... is still in play... charging you $50-$150 per international bank wire transfer, doing all forms of checks on you, reporting to big brother what you sent and why, takes eternity... Now take the 'slow' Bitcoin... a guy sent two hundred million dollars in bitcoin. He paid three dollars in fees. IT reached the destination within 15 minutes. Noone did an ass check, noone knows who he is or what he bought. No, it is not scary, it is free! So that is the fundamental analysis of Bitcoin - it's the technology of today. SWIFT is technology of before chicks in pornstars had a shaved pussy and from times where you had to go hide with your friends to see boobs in Playboy. They are micromarket traders, they are better than you, the banks, but at the same time, time, bigger timeframe, will fuck them all as it will fuck the bulls and everyone else... it's inevitable.

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