The Bubble Effect Of Alts in 2017 and that even prolonged until now, alts were overvalued and...

The Bubble Effect Of Alts

in 2017 and that even prolonged until now, alts were overvalued and undervaluable.

Just to paint you a picture, so you understand this correction better and why is happening what is happening.

Imagine I came to you and say, hey I want $500k to open a strip club,
it probably won't be profitable, but we will have a good time...
... only as a friend you would invest in it, right?

You wouldn't do it as a business move.

Now. imagine the same scenario, just on blockchain...

that I did an ICO in 2017 for a strip club that you even know will lose money but will have some real estate backing etc..
.. I could get a hundred million dollar investment based on it!

And the funniest part... or craziest how you want it...
it would be one of the top 20% best ICOs!

because majority were pure dust and not even any real business backing.

So that gives us 100MM to 500k it is around 200 times inflated bubble.

So you tell me, how low you think it can dip?

The risk is too big to be with any serious investment in shitty alts.

You can do it for your heart, pick top most aggressive alts that will either make it big or drop to zero and hold 15-30% of them and monitor them actively... however, with your food-on-the-table portfolio... don't play.

I told you, the game now in alts vs btc is changing.

This correction was needed.

And if you're going to think as a gambler, then you'll say in two weeks I was wrong when alts pump. And alts probably will pump... but do the risk to reward... 30% on the upside... 80%-100% on the downside.

The first new money is going to come into Bitcoin. Nothing else. Bitcoin had a strong relations to alts, and will continue, just the numbers in that relations will change, at the cost of alts.

We might have one more bullish alt cycle before etf where you tell me - what the fuck you talked about - you see alts pumping and I sold em on your advice... but at the same time... with etf, most people, 90% of people out there are for a nasty surprise when they see bitcoin hyperbullish and their alts not as much.

So, do I advise to sell your alts now?

Not at all.

We in Premium sold it just because we have an alt that will grow faster than our other alts while remain stable. Otherwise, we would sell alts when btc would be around 12k and dipped alts would mostly recover.

For now, do these three questions:
1) Which of my alts are good for blockchain
2) Even if they are legit projects - how are they affected with 200:1 formula given above?
3) see them performing vs other alts..

and decide on their relative power and what you want to do with them.

Strong projects like ZRX I definitely wouldn't sell now... it went into a dip and it is getting out of a dip... while some shitty coin with no need for blockchain, or with questionable need... I'd wait for 12k btc and ditch.

My opinion only. For you it's to do your own research. This is one perspective to think about, so that you are not last in the new cycle.

You have been first in this bearish cycle to sell btc when I announced in early january. I want you to be first to know that majority of money will be coming from institutions to Bitcoin and not to shitcoin 330... and to top 20 alts.


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