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The book with the 5x coin written by a fan, you can get here for just $3

It's 100% fan-written. Not incentivized. Not paid for.

I am privileged and fortunate to have fans like this.

Recently I couldn't share a coin in the premium because I was worried it will pump too highly and members won't get it at a good price.

Now, with this book, I can as everyone reads at a different speed.

Step 1) buy here.

Step 2) rate it 5 stars so that your investment spreads across Amazon community

Step 3) if you like the coin invest and enjoy... see you at 5x :)





  • 78
4m ago
The purchase is not available in my country / region
Is there another place to purchase?
ty DMan
  • 59
4m ago
You don't need kindle. You could get the book and view it on Amazon cloud reader.
  • 8
4m ago
It is only available for kindle ??
  • 59
4m ago
You don't need kindle. You can buy and view the book on Amazon cloud reader.