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Thank you Bloggers, Media, Fuck.. here are a lot of good people!

I just saw on one coin site published review about blockchain whispers - not those scammy shit reviews that promote some affiliate links and talk shit about everything else, but they wrote good about us, no affiliate links, pure love.


Only to find one chick wrote on medium an excellent review.  She complained about my writing style, but was honest enough to share love for the accuracy, and she documented our calls and journey even better than I'm able to.


Wanted to take a moment and than you all good people whom I didn't have a chance to, guys telling their friends about me, guys posting on their social media.  I am currently not investing anything in marketing as I am giving my premium members no-expiration period in these bear times until the bitcoin reaches $10,000 or we make good gains (at least 200% from big size portfolio calls), so the money I spend on keeping this community accurate and evolving, developing amazing things which you love and benefit the crypto.  

Now wish me luck with the coders today, as I wrote a detailed-ass plan on what's needed, new features that will help you predict pretty much ANY coin how big impact it has on price AS IT HAPPENS... with 90%+ accuracy.

But right now I'm at the mercy of the coders, for whom I hope will be fast, faster than usual, as you know, some people can date a chick forever before sleeping with her,... while... well, some are not as patient.

So here's for my developers to develop a stripper-like behavior and do it fast!

Thanks good people!