What Is Tezos (XTZ) Worth Now

Tezos Live Tezos Price: $1.77
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Tezos (XTZ) to USD
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693.64M XTZ
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+ 12.10%

Tezos (XTZ) Price

Some of you remember my Tezos (XTZ) call last year. I advised to cut losses and sell for BTC when it was clear the bear market would last longer than expected. My advice back then was to sell all Alts for BTC to prevent further losses in sat-value.Many people were upset about this call and didn't want to sell with losses, but those who did saved themselves from exponential losses. 

Now I would like to re-activate this call. Many things have evolved in the Tezos ecosystem. One of the main problems was the boiling lawsuit surrounding Tezos for selling unregistered securities within US-borders. This lawsuit is close to being resolved, with the lead plaintiff being exchanged. Additionally, Tezos was the first asset that is available at Coinbase custody staking. This is a very
big deal, for more information read my previous article "the fourth wave." Some of the biggest investors in Tezos are the Winklevoss twins (founders of Gemini exchange and involved at the beginning of Facebook) and Tim Draper (Bitcoin OG). 

The staking of XTZ is fully active and yields 8% per annual currently. The first on-chain blockchain vote on the Tezos blockchain was successfully carried out lately. The tech is far superior to other smart contract platforms. Tezos features programming languages with formal verification (Michelson), on-chain governance and a fully working Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism.

This is the next generation of smart contract ecosystems and the future looks bright for this one.
I expect XTZ to go on an EOS-like run in 2019.
target 1: 5$
target 2: 8$
target 3: 10$

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7m ago
Any update on xtz?
  • 372
8m ago
I feel that this coin will make us hapier
Jack Torrance
  • 201
8m ago
Thanks Mr Y. Great article.
  • 246
8m ago
regularly loading more, i love me tezzies
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8m ago
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8m ago
Still locked in
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8m ago
Great news ive been in since last year
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8m ago
Dont want my money locked infinitly
  • 6
8m ago
I dont think so
  • 213
8m ago
I'm in since first call, just load some more. I believe in Tezos tech. Delegated PoS is the future. Buckle up for a nice XTZ run.
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8m ago