Ten Trade Challenge - Results

Ten Trade Challenge
Trade 10/10

17% profit
1.25337 + 17% of 50% of 0.12534 = 1.264

Final portfolio: 1.264 btc

(+26.40% on the overall portfolio in 75 days)

Ten Trade Challenge - Review 'n Results

On November 22  I announced the Ten Trade Challenge, where I promised to
hand hold you, do proper portfolio management for you, do a proper trading mentality (not what my followers expect to get, but what I know as the best way of trading).

First I want to say, that 10 trades is an aggressive MINIMUM for any showcase, and that the results crystalize around 20 trades or so, more precisely.

We experienced everything I wanted us to experience:

*a streak of below average luck
*a couple losses in a row
*a group created stop hunt
*a strong bear period

Yet, with proper management, smart trading, and having an edge in trading, we managed to end up 26.40% increase in the OVERALL portfolio.

Now, this is an AMAZING RESULT!

We did have individual trades over 93% profit, over 141% profit... but we traded as we should, only a fraction of portfolio each time.

What we have proven is the SUSTAINABLE result.

I don't want you to even imagine the result in:

*bull times
*streak of good luck
*higher liquidity so our big following doesn't affect the stop chase.

I WANTED to demonstrate, and to prove to ourselves that we actually have an edge even in the WORST times.

What edge is that you ask?

Well, now is Feb 8th.

That is 75 days.

We had a slow, sideways action, yet still.. in worst of worst cases, this is the result:

We started with 1 btc, but you can think like this.

Imagine you invest a HOUSE. And you follow smart, portfolio-managed, disciplined trades tested in the Ten Trade Challenge.

These are your results after a year (365 days)

1 house to 1.264 in 75 days
1.264 to 1.598 in 150 days
1.598 to 2.019 in 225 days
2.019 to 2.553 in 300 days
2.553 to 3.226 in 375 days

3 HOUSES in under a year!

One year. Proper portfolio management. WORST of times!

I didn't count that in that period I gave you an extra premium calls besides the Ten Trade challenge, like:
ZIL = 58%
ZRX = 8.8%

I was not aggressive in trading, I was busy developing Blockchain Whispers 2.0 - yet still.. in worst of all conditions that I faced so far in crypto, I managed to scientifically PROVE that Blockchain Whispers has an edge.

90% of the traders according to the stats would end up making (now listen closely) out of 1 house... 0.1 house in 75 days of leverage trading.We made 1.264 in 75 days

Now, there are those out there that are like: but bro, where my moon?

Let me ask those: how did your moon work for you in the last 75 days? Would you be closer to it by following our Ten Trade Challenge, with proper trading... or you got closer with your wen moon wat Lambo trading?

Trading takes discipline and guts, brains and knowledge, and experience. It is at least 20 times tougher than poker, and you know only some players end up constantly at the final tables raking in profits.

20 times tougher because: in poker, you don't play against: the house that can see your cards and play against you; machines that get smarter by the day (even top chess grandmasters have problems with them); whales that can make you a bet you can't follow (or move the price in their direction). And yes, the top guys, top minds do prefer trading over poker. It is where the money is.

So grasp it. Your fastest road to REAL moon is: discipline, education and taking one step at a time.
Rest is a roulette spin. Want that 30x in the next 5 miutes? Go, take a spin!

Here, my goal is to help you reach your financial dreams, freedom dreems and female dreams haha... if you are willing to do what it takes.


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1 year ago ago
V tempting. I am sure lot of us can't wait to go Premium now
D Man
1 year ago ago
thank you my friend.
1 year ago ago
Officially... In The Worst Of Times... Blockchain Whispers has proven, we have an EDGE!. YES. you have. Can't imagine what will happen in the BULL Run..