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Sometimes in our Telegram signals channel @blockchainwhispersbaby I miss your ability to respond. I like the two-way interaction.. so let's make this article, just for responses, your responses on the current topics.



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  • 325
7m ago
Much love D man! Appreciate everything you do for the Blockchain Whispers family! :)
▲ Mr. T
  • 197
7m ago
unfortunately it seems that I have a too fast internet connexion, I am disapointed not seeing the "shifting boobs" on the E.A.R. opening hahahah :)
D Man
  • 74
7m ago
  • 378
7m ago
You make Blockchain Whispers community better and stronger day by day. Thank you D Man!
  • 877
7m ago
BCW 2.0 Team. Let me take this opportunity to Thank All of You for the continuous and untiring efforts to keep us believing in this once in our lifetime opportunity of Cryptocurrency. Right from early days with Telegram signals, BLOCKCHAIN DECRYPTED 2018 ebook ( which you were generous enough to make free for us), timely reports (actually ahead of time) & now this crypto resource (can't praise it enough) & by involving us in so many levels with EAR / DART / CHAT & my favorite WIKI, You have made up more than enough. trust me on this. Maintaining a certain quality on a 2 way Telegram channel, with your level of subscription, is very time & energy consuming & not worth it. Lastly the signals you & your team gives are well researched (Noone can be dead accurate 100% of time) but you have proved time & again you are well ahead of rest Love you Broski
  • 70
7m ago
& thank you @wealthbundance for introducing me to BCW
  • 46
7m ago
Hey d man, thanks for everything you are doing, holding our hands through these last rough roads, I am acumulating btc with your free calls to get into premium, that’s my first dream, and that will make my other dreams come true, unfortunately I was scammed by a fake blockchain whispers telegram group, but you live and learn and evolve, respect the game and not blame anyone, and keep head up high, much love for Natasha’s boobs and D MAN!! Our financial angel.
  • 102
7m ago
not much els to say really, keep it up D all the love in the world for you're willingness to share the wisdom you and you're team have. And don't forget to be healty D, the time and energy you put in for us noobs is more than enough....thanx a million
  • 8
7m ago
Je viens de m inscrire ,je remercie cette grande famille de m aider à comprendre les chrypto le trading route et longue mais je suis patient....j espère un jour avoir les fonds nécessaires pour m inscrire en premium sachant que je commence avec 1000$.je remercie toute l équipe
  • 84
7m ago
Best signal channel in the cryptosepace by far!!. Lots of Natashas for you and your followers!! :)
D Man
  • 74
7m ago
Best. Wish. Ever! :)
  • 201
7m ago
Overall great! Great effort on the website and loads of good ideas. Now just to put a note of constructive feedback, it would be nice to have a bit more follow up on the long term gems. For instance what should we do with: - XTZ (down about 50-60%) - QNT (up about 500-600%) - SS (down about 50-60% ) - and if there are others I'm not thinking of... Your thoughts on the above would be much appreciated - some I can guess but some I'm not so sure :)
D Man
  • 74
7m ago
These are exactly that - long term gems which can't be put timeframe on. QNT did 500%+ but it has to do 20x and it will... but it won't do it sooner than btc is over 10k. And I think this answers every other question...go below and read the 1000th post - it tells about the trend in crypto and what to do with alts.