Take a look at all the guys who made btc predictions... and failed - it means, logic says, they...

miss a piece of pieces of the puzzle. If I made 9 accurate predictions in a row here publically (and one in premium), it means I get the game... even if I'd get 7 out of 10, it's still good... but 5 out of 5 is pure shit... it's big difference... 20% edge is HUGE edge... 90% edge is - people call me out-of-this-planet because it is so effective... because it's so easy once you know the elements to take into account besides just TA... so I invite you to do your own reality-check...

1) was the call clear "we might see at xx or yyy" it is not a clear call. "it will go to xxx" is a clear call.
2) what's his track record. Not after 3 months - everybody can win after 3 months, go and pick 3 random coins at their all time lows... in bear market and wait 3 months and bam - you predicted... well no, you didn't.. because there is something known as "the cost of lost opportunity" - if guys had their funds locked away and they could have traded and earned more... then your 'winning' call turns into losing... Our team tends to minimize those while keeping it to real investment.

I do love to do long term investments, but it is a clear, labeled as long term... and it comes from a trader who knows to do short term. if you can't do short term, you can't do long term either - you're just using the stream... the up stream of alts...

And for the conclusion -

who do you follow?

ME! That's who!

Who do you trust?




Because as cocky as it might sound - you trust your own eyes - I am in fact the most accurate (now I can proudly say with my all-star team!) crypto trader in the world!

How certain?

Well - show me anyone more accurate and I'll either 1) prove you you're wrong 2) if you're not - I'll learn what I am missing or 3) partner up and bring him in addition to our all star team.

I follow ALL my competitors.

Some have different styles, and I love them.

Some are just inaccurate, but so what - there is only room for one at the top.

But some... some are bad, corrupt, greedy pieces of shit that don't deserve to be in this space. And I don't worry about them - I warn you - to be careful who you follow with your money - because sometimes free can be the most expensive piece of advice you ever got.

Because I'm a good guy - unless they contact me for an opinion, I won't name the competitors. With most I am on good terms, with some on great even. But there are those little rats, below 1000-2000 followers that cost you the most of money.

Guys with 50,000 followers, they can be less accurate, but at least they have some standards.

I thought of making a challenge, for the best crypto trader in existence... that each puts 1 btc in the pot and we play 20 trades.... after 20 trades, the most profitable trader takes all. However, that would be just me blowing my own horn.

Once again - I do respect my honest, competitors with integrity. I fucking don't respect greedy pieces of shit that have zero expertize that come advertise in my channel, talk shit about me (the biggest shit - that THETA is pump and dump coin - like what the fuck - it tells about his intelligence enough - 80 million dollar cap coin isn't really the easiest thing to pump + the pumps are happening all at a same time, not when you tell people go read the book give them at a different times... so that the PUMP doesn't happen - because you care)...

So much writing... but even if it saves 3 intelligent guys from following the wrong people... it did the job.

Current official ranking:

#1 Blockchain Whispers Premium channel
#2 Blockchain Whispers Free channel
#25 all the rest
#202020 - little rats posing as experts

So remember that - if you follow #202020 well we, the family from Blockchain Whispers we thank you for your money, because Blockchain Whispers family (you, the loyal, appreciative reader included) will earn on them...



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