Speaking of loyalty, you proved unshaken, stable, showing me love when we got out first inaccurate...

call on btc. Yes there must be inaccurate calls in trading, however we have such a huge edge that I was feeling really bad after this one because I told my trader, that I don't like it- I told him, I loved it the moment we got in on the trade, but I stopped liking it shortly after I announced it here, as we, as a huge powerful group changed the odds. I told him, but we liked the odds so much, that we ignored our gut feeling. I'll share with you the screenshots at one stage, but now I want you to know I know I'm fully responsible and nobody else. I noticed something was off, didn't adjust on time - I got fucked like a big Dinosaur. That's why I took the day off, to get my shit together to make sure I improve on this and don't repeat the same mistake. Surely, inaccurate calls must happen in trading, however, this one I noticed, so I want to fine-tune my recognition of those signals. Once it became too popular, we should have gotten out. This time we didn't. On the next one, I plan to laugh at this and change the direction of the trade with ease.

Premium group
13 traders, 4 analysts, 2 PHDs, one big fat whale, one tradingview all time top trader, + yours truly D...
You get day trades that give you an edge (scroll this channel for public demonstrations we could do while we were still a small channel)
- this also means we must do hard cap limit to members in premium group, as I don't want to risk self-fulfilling prophacies again.

Mr Y - Analyst who got you ZIL, ONT, ENG, BLZ, HPB... a win after win this year (not one inaccurate!)
Mr X - smaller cap expert for those under 3 btc - with Mr. X is the best odds to pump it ten fold (no guarantee, just looking historically)
Mr. A - top chartist, and this community favorite TA - he is actually responsible for this BTC short call, but about that in a moment..
it was a good call, a GREAT call, just too many shorters changed the odds and my mistake for not acting on it on time.
Mr. K - well, he got you these big BNB gains along with Mr. Y who warned first and Mr. X who confirmed the trade.
He had two inaccurate calls, but also he had a superfast spike NANO - in all he is in fat profit his call wise.
EXCAVO - all time tradingview top trader
D - me - how do you think I started this channel when it was just me making this into the most accurate channel in the world?
The Liquidator bot - Our AI predicts ultra accurately ranges of btc movement. We gave it to the public test, however Premiums are
going to get the most juicier findings of the Liquidator. 2.3 years in the making by it's original author, we were fortunate that he is a loyal follower of Blockchain Whispers and decided to partner up with us.

... and many surprises as you know historically I am implementing daily to get you an edge.

Now, imagine for a moment you get all these traders in a room, reaching a consensus to you and presenting it to you - this is what you get. To register contact @bwregisterbot and begin.

Then you do your own math, according to your style and to knowledge that you can acquire when you read through Premium channel and bam - there you have, your winning
trades infused by Blockchain Whispers trading superpower.

Lions Group
Your portfolio is over 10btc, you are serious about trading and you want to get the best of the best...you want to be told not only, what to do but also what not to do - you want to have access to me, you want to profit not this month, but to be on the winning side this year, when the odds even over time... and smart moves become rewarded.

So there you have it.

Implementing immediately.


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