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Some users have been scammed today. Be aware - don't be idiots - if someone in discussion group...

contacts you and tells you he has super deal for you - are you fucking stupid??

1) premium channel contacts are announced here - click on my pinned messages or read here - contact our people only - not someone else (they make same names, same profile pictures with similar usernames).

2) we don't contact people to join premium. Even our promotions never were to join premium, instead we want people to taste the free channel first to get to know us.

3) We never ever discounted premium. The price went up 4 times since the beginning. Never down. And scammer obviously accepts everything you're willing to send him - fuck that asshole.

Be smart, be intelligent. IF you want in premium, click the pinned message here or click this link @cryptoalfred

if you click somewhere else - not on this channel - I am sorry we won't be able to refund you something we didn't get. We are growing in popularity, scammers see it too - be careful, you're now warned.