So what was I sharing (got excited when C2 called me for the new call so I couldn't resist but to...

share it with you, it's a small scalping call with great odds that's why he slowly but surely gets our porftolio up in red times...)... so - where were we - oh yes,

you should join Premium now. Why?

Because we uncovered what we have been looking for over a month now... a coin that is super strong that it won't be fucked by bears, coin that is showing it's wild and eager even now... and the coin that is born in red times and undervalued because the public doesn't know what we know and when they do - it will make it pump further.

We expect this, I expect this, my analyst expects this, and I dribbled him a lot yesterday so he didn't come up with this number out of blue... it will do 5x in three months.

What it means for you it is — odds for 3x are super great.

What further means for you this coin is established in bear times, meaning it's not the one to dip.
It's a solid blockchain project that won't go down in the next cycle of alts killing that I told about... and at the end of the day it's just ONE coin that you'll get when you join Blockchain Whispers Premium.

Take a note — you'll get an access to our frequent but irregular chat - when the time calls for it, where you can ask me no matter how stupid question or the question that I don't have time to answer one on one.

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And finally... on top of all that, just because we discovered this 5x coin where everyone else is shitting their pants not knowing what's happening (our lev trade stats above for the last week prove we know on short and mid timeframes ultra precise - the timeframes that are hardest for traders)... we have an ALT yes alt call that is great buy now.

This one has the best risk to reward ratio this year. Better risk to reward than pundi, although I expect it to go 5x, while pundi ended up doing more... I expected pundi to do 5x at least also, remember? But risk to reward ratio is here like comparing risk of a plane falling on your head vs risk of being hit by a bus... both are small risks, but one is way smaller.

And for that all you pay a measy 0.147 btc which you must have if you are to do any serious trade and profits in crypto. To join send a message to @bwregisterbot not.

I am writing this just because I love helping people and I'd hate this coin, and it's big coin, to go without you cashing-in on it, my loyal follower. I'm so excited about it, that I'm making a list of alts now for premiums that they will sell to invest all in this one.

To give you a further kick in the ass to get you going (pardon my French!), I'll give you the same membership freeze my premiums have in these bearish times - until bct is 10k or until we make crazy profits so that next membership becomes a piece of cake for you... the membership doesn't expire...

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