So they all failed and always will fail... So if you want to be the best, if you want to level up...

your game, fucking study, invest in pen and paper, go see historically how you'd have acted... People see now me in tether and they are like - yes but see it's going up. Wel then fucking go up with it, and go down with it it's all your freedom. I say what I do, and I have proven myself already why I do it and that I know what to do. Am I going to be 100% accurate - of course not - I am here to help you, not to hand hold you. It can go up and up... but for me, it looks like a perfect setup to fuck bulls in the ass one more time. But okay.. of course, you all know the best, and it's bullish, so bullish it is.

In the meantime Josh the student doesn't care is it going up or down because he is holding his 3-9 month hold gems, and he is out there with his friends enjoying life, thanking Blockchain Whispers knowing he is smart.

The wanna be smart daytrader who is lazy to invest in himself, lazy to invest in education, cheap to invest in Premium, ... is suffering because he is hearing all the news late and he still thinks it's early - well if you go to tradingview and you look at the charts - ask yourself, do you think that whales, big buying power professionals haven't seen that chart already? Haven't analysed it - and thought how to fuck you already on your new-gained confidence?

So tell me what they see now? They see your bullish ass being all green. That's what they see - you do the math.

Now realize I gave you the ultimate whale buster weapon - the gems that are under the radar for them (because I do have superior analysts compared to anyone, and am super fortunate to have found em)... and no matter how much they want they can't buy 1000 btc of that gem on idex in 5 hours... and you can easily invest. wait for them to get it on binance and profit of of THEM.

But I'm not against whales, I love whales, many followers here, I'm against institutions controlling money by controlling your favorite rules and regulations in their favor.

I am here to help. Use me for what you find me valuable for you. And use your brain, always.

You have higher odds of succeeding as an investor and holding long term than a day trader that doesn't do the homework that doesn't work at least 15 hrs a day.

With Love, Respect And Sincere Wish To See You All Lambo Fucking Natashas,

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