So sharing with you is what I LOVE, not what I need - I could have kept my telegram channel after...

17th accurate pick in a row and say to new people: "now this was the demonstration, for others join premium", but I'm not like that, I love this what I'm doing and want to see you as my follower outsmart and outplay others who trust youtubers, fame-whores, ...

Why I'm semi-anonymous (semi because if anyone wants to find me, it's not hidden, I even meet with partners, investors and coin makers, just not putting my ugly face in the spotlights) - only to put the focus on my work, and not that you think: "oh he is posting pictures to get more this or that" - I don't care about this or that, I'm even happier when I can focus on my trading.

What I believe is we can together make you ... well fuck it, I don't want to promise shit etc, but my goal is, to put it that way, to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams, by 1st - rewarding you for your time in crypto at this early stage and 2nd for rewarding you for trusting me, a non-politcially-correct guy with big heart, instead of some politician, banker, bureaurat (not a typo), ... telling you how you should hold your money in the bank and collest 3% yearly which gets burnt by the inflation anyway on the money they are printing like crazy.

I believe we can do great things and your support shows it.

I started with 5 friend followers... now, more often than not, when I mention some coin, I get private messages from coin owners thanking me, messages from owners of exchanges about their stuff... I got invited to at least 7 ICOS as an advisor, ... etc

And best of all, my followers trust more me, stripper spanking guy because they realize if I will kick my premium members and tell them to fuck off when they cross the line, then they know I won't promote here shit just because someone wanted to pay me.. and bam, as a result what happens - even more trust and support.

I got the other day a funny message from one big newspaper (won't name) - saying basically that they would like to interview me and if I won't do the interview that the will write as they see it fit - like I give a fuck. I reward my followers here because they TRUST THEIR OWN EYES.

I got a pm from one idiot belonging to other group where the influence was "anti D man" thinking they can use it to promote their shitty stuff. The guy said to me: "man fuck you and your bnb signal when it was at all time high" -- should I say more?

For new members: I gave BNB signal very early first call, and second call also quite early and we SOLD it at near all time high for maximum profit.

The guy was misinformed by bad mouth... and that guy, I really don't want following my stuff - why? because I don't want him to have the advantage over others on the market!

Why I love my followers?

Because as you see I write a lot, I care a lot and then I'd write this long post like 10 screenshots or something and then mention a gem inside - why?


to reward my most loyal.

I know most of you are not full time traders and can't be reading me all the time, but then catch a quiet time in the day and read it.

Why I talk in politically-non-correct language?

Because then I know my followers are intelligent people who can trust their own eyes rather than the format.

You think ever someone will just hand you the stuff out of blue? You have to have something special... and...


Because you are here. You filtered through other bullshit and found a gem. You were faced with: "hey this guy seems rude or he doesn't talk 'professionally'" choice or "hey this guy fucking really cares, and is accurate like a sniper shooting target from 10ft distance. It's good he talks the way he talks because then assholes won't recognize him!"

So back to the today's gem - it's the first call my Zil, Eng, Ont, Blz analyst said it's the GEM (he didn't call any of these coins a true gem).

Because this one is undervalued and can't stay this way.

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