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Sicario had the first losing call!

Bitmex is a scam #202.  Now the article goes around how bitmex trades against it's people.  Blockchain Whispers warned you first about their ways of scam: 1) system overload crap which they intentionally keep as it goes into their fund when people are liquidated 2) internal bots that trade 3) reported problems for big gainers about them closing accounts etc.

Sicario's call went perfectly well, reached 6090 (my t1), but it knew many set the close at 6000... so it went to not fulfill the closes and to go for stoppages at 6500.  All in ONE candle during which it was all time system overload so you couldn't trade, cancel your trades etc.

Stop is a stop and we announced it. -14.7%

We have a small tech glitch with total profit, system is currently adding it so we have to fix it soon.



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