Should I Feed Hyenas or Let Good Men Starve? Every day I wake up to hundreds of pms. Some vary...

Should I Feed Hyenas or Let Good Men Starve?

Every day I wake up to hundreds of pms.

Some vary from more warm, positive grateful than I deserved, some ask for everything providing nothing.

You have no idea what it is to go with a team for a week keeping open twenty or so calls, filtering out to the remaining one or none, deciding to give the ELEC gem after premiums to you for free, asking nothing and then as a thank you from one idiot get that it was pump and dump. I know, obviously that is the first word he learned in crypto and he thinks if he is not in profit it is pump and dump or whatever...

Wen Moon. Wat Lambo. Pump And Dump

As you are aware, we are strongly against pump and dump. Not that it doesn't have it's beauties and benefits like playing a roulette every once in a while has... but it's not something sustainable that I wanted to teach you so I started this group with 30 members talking how to avoid it. I wouldn't give you guns and then offending you, the same way I wouldn't teach you how to avoid pumps and dumps and then giving you some. hello?! common sense.

Problem is - every single one of those idiots has a voice, that they are not shy to use to blame others anyone, but themselves. Now just to make sure the confusion is not made: ELEC is and still is one of my strongest calls. It's a great call. And after big buy volume a natural correction occurs. ELEC is a long term gem, meant to be held for months like PUNDI that did 500%+... Majority, MOST if not ALL of my calls end up in profit, in big fat profit, but some idiots manage to but high, sell low and blame me for the naturall occurance on crypto charts (going up and down in upward or downward direction).

So to the point...

Every day, I want to reward those good people. Every day I want to reward people doing something. Heck even guys opening fake John Mcafe accounts and contacting me to promote their favorite coin on Blockchain Whispers are showing me they want to do something with their lives. But those guys who fail to take responsibility, I just don't know how to weed them out.

Lately I have an interesting problem with Blockchain Whispers - we have more than we need! My Premium members have enough gems that they simply don't need more daytrading stuff. And I have top notch traders that I would hate for those calls to go to waste. So I planned on creating a "Funding Your Strippers" program so that you or anyone can follow and upon success have a bit of extra money to spend on their favorite activity.

But then there is a problem — I hate rewarding wrong people. When I see a fucking gypsy hustler on a street professionally begging for money, I want to kick his ass. Because he is taking someone else's spot, using good in people that could help someone for their business. Note - not all gypsys are bad, some are good hard working guys... I talk only about beggar gypsy mafia who profesionally with begging make billions a year globally leaving real people in need hungry.

If I could, I would now give you so much... because at this moment Blockchain Whispers is so powerful, I'd like to use it for good. I just don't know how to do so without giving money to the gypsys. Your money.

However, a few idiots won't discourage me from believing in good people who have their chance in crypto, so expect good stuff from me. Some stuff will be hidden on the website, in long messages like these to reward my most loyal followers... and some will be just plainly given for you to see.

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