See this call... this above? Do the homework - read this channel in full. A call after call... a...

prediction after prediction...
over 95% accurate!

We had a couple slips here and there, but it's NOTHING compared to what's out there on the market. I opened Blockchain Whispers to guide you through that bullshit and show you that you, and not institutions or big banking fatcats have the power.

Power to prosper!

So get this shit straight - Blockchain Whispers is the most accurate telegram channel in existence and it is proven in the worst crypto economy - super bearish times this year.

I don't say this to brag, we are too big for that already, I say it to help you - to help you differenciate in the value of intel in the ocean of bullshit, and recognize gems you joined crypto for.

No, I am not going to recommend you to join our Premium now, you probably already know it's a smart crypto decision and if you have funds, you're most likely already there. I am here to talk about something that bugs me over and over again and that concerns your profits.

Let's say if out of hundred calls I got three slips... two are made due to pressure. But not to pressure on me by funds, but by pressure of you by your panic.

And that panic costs you. Not in my calls, I adjusted, I don't give a fuck now how much you panic - I hold it tightly, you can do your research and know I am doing to the best of my knowledge to bring you gains, not a smooth sail... That panic costs you when you sell early, when you buy in on a rush, when you are plain emotionally unstable.

So if you want to fix it - you must read this channel completely.

Here's why: you'll see what happens to those who stick to the call I give and what happens to those that panic think to outsmart the world by rush sell or rush buy or rush whatever.

Fuck, I have so much I want to tell you to level up your game so this year is your most profitable crypto year ever that this time even I don't know where to start.

First - this game - it's trading, it's outsmarting + investing (holding for value boost).

It means if you buy cheap and sell high that someone sold you low and bought high so you made profit.

It doesn't have to be that unethical because for example if I want to invest and hold something for longer time I should be rewarded. For example imagine a new road in the city - I don't want to invest in it now but later when it's built, I'm okay to pay to use it if it gets me to the destination faster.

On the other hand there are stuff I like - for example a strip club, for that I'm okay to invest because I support poor girls with no clothes on so I don't mind investing early... and later that someone pays me.

The same is in crypto - you have day trading where you plainly try to outsmart the other guy and you have investing.

As this channel grew in popularity but even more so in people trust, as according to many it's now the most trusted channel on telegram, I had to stop giving here day trading stuff as it became a self-fulfilling prophacy, like broadcasting an insider trade deal on a national tv.

but I give you something even more valuable, that's idiot proof as long as you're loyal. I don't call you an idiot, I beg your pardon, I say idiot proof because even if you are an idiot in trading, and we all start as idiots that mostly need to learn how trading works and emotional control functions - I give stuff that have great odds of working. Why? Because if I give you here the gem, of course after the premiums got it after Lions got it after my mother got it... it's still super undervalued gem and you're the FIRST public group getting it... so after we last time did the investment Lions invested smartly and didn't rise the price one bit and premiums just a bit and then you got the call and it skyrocketed 40%+ but not in a PUMP, it skyrocketed in value that kept there for days to come- and that's the difference.

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