Your Portfolio:

See Pal - just starting out — I did announce it here, didn't I? Guys - remember, it's the cycle...

repeating so I can tell you again:
1) you invest
2) your patience and emotional strength (or trust in BCW however you want it) is challenged
3) it skyrockets and you profit widely
4) repeat
again we bought
again your trust was challenged
again the most loyal, educated (in what to expect), strong,... profit

— and again after the shine will come a dip, always. and after a dip a spike for as long as btc is hot - and I predict a long time.

Pal didn't reach its target yet - it's badass, but you see what it's capable of — see how you doubled your money on theta and how you almost tripled it vs btc..

Do your math - either get in this seriously and join Premium ... or... get as a hobby and follow this free group — just don't get in stupidly by changing your decision every ten minutes as it's costly.