Safest Crypto Investments In These Times

As you see, and as we warned in our famous report Bitcoin in 2019:

Bitcoin will go up.
Alts will have trouble keeping up.

It will signal the institutional money flow.

Institutions will not invest in Shitchain10.
They will first and mostly put their money in Bitcoin.

Whatever happens, I don't think alts are dead. Just alts wait for the people, the little guys like you and me to be bullish. Institutions are not making 'em pump.

So what to do?

First, remind yourself why you're here.

You believe in crypto. Yes, even if you believe you'll make money in it, you still believe in the tech, unlike the majority of the population currently (still predominantly fiat).

So, support it!

In a way that you go and check projects that matter. Firstly, Bitcoin. An excellent, and only truly leaderless, high-cap coin.

Secondly invest in projects you like - and you can find detailed analysis in our reports. For example our Litecoin Price report which was spot-on accurate in the mid term prediction

Third, understand the change.

First wave was "anything working". That got us (the crypto) attention.
Obviously, there is no way on earth, you can make a "pic of the day" app and raise 100mm for it anymore. It happened. It's gone. Adapt.

What is the next step?

The next step are stocks like coins which will pay you dividend. Which are properly or almost-properly valued... and have potential and backing in the real business and real sales. Take for example.

That business you can immediately understand. People bet and the casino makes profit. Right?

Token owners are the owners of the casino.

Casino pays monthly a share of profits back to its token holders in tokens by buying at the market with the profit generated.

Last month they paid out 0.0025 per coin, and they just started out, no promos, ever... Things like this are smart to watch as for example summer is low season for gambling... September it starts higher, but then the price will rise. You accumulate when it makes sense - when you see something earlier than the rest of the crowd that will rise the price for you.

Cryptobet tokens you can get here. (This is NOT an affiliate link, and you need Efin partner or platinum account to get it). There are more coins like this, but this one is with the project I can see getting more revenue (especially when the token pay starts marketing it) and thus higher dividends making its price spike compared to what you got it at.

Investing 101.

This is something you can understand, right?

What you can't understand is some coin Y that will pay if YY pays and if this and that happens. Gone are the days of the shitty investments. Now we are in the era of semi-shit, semi-solid things. And that is for alts.

Still the best, most wildly profitable investments will be blockchain-related investments.

Our premium signals group (currently closed for new members) just made the 10X on QNT -- a coin that connects blockchains. That is logical, right?

This works. This is blockchain and this is needed. You don't need to be a genius to figure it out. Just check if the team is doing the actual thing and bam.

To put yourself on the notification list for when Premium membership is open again, please message @cryotoalfred on Telegram messenger. Alfred will let you know when it's open.

Until then, make your pick - go, study the projects, don't waste time on the news... find what you like. Find what you believe in. And show your early support for the awesome payout in the future (imagine 10x...10k turning 100k. Imagine that once or three times a year...)... just by focused research. 

You will not be stressed with btc moves. 
You will not be pissed by stop hunts to the charts.
You will not be panic selling or late buying.

You will invest in what you believe in and feel great about it.

D Man
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  • 90
7m ago
No 10x on QNT. Visiting Bitrex chart its more like 3x ...
  • 170
7m ago
Ico 1.5 usd..ath 16 usd. (Atl 0.2 usd) love you @lovenatashas and natashas too ;)
  • 90
7m ago
More interstingly what do you thing about top20 altcoins? Continue to suffer or 10x in3 years?
  • 138
7m ago
Thanx D