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russian police seized BTC-ATMs, Ethereum "difficulty bomb" delayed

Russian Police seizes 22 BTC_ATMs in a countrywide crackdown

- all 22 Bitcoin ATMs were confiscated without warning. The machines belong to the company BBFpro and the order to confiscate was allegedly given by Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office. The official reason for the confiscation, which was almost simultaneously in 9 cities, was "Inspection."

Ethereum "difficulty bomb" delayed, block reward reduced to 2 ETH

The "difficulty bomb" is designed to make Ethereum's switch from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake as smooth as possible. This is achieved by making block producing with PoW far more complex and unfavorable by raising the difficulty to find the none sharply. 
This process was now delayed for 12 months and will be activated by Ethereums next hard fork, called "Constantinople." 
As a result of the ongoing supply and issuance debates within the Ethereum community, the block reward was now reduced to 2 ETH per block until Constantinople.