Read This If You Feel You Are Born For Something Great

Read This If You Feel You Are Born For Something Great

  • If you bought an Apple stock back in the days you'd be a multi-multi-millionaire now for a tiny investment.
  • If you invested $100k in Google at startup stage you'd have a huge share of Google now.
  • If you participated in dotcom boom, you also most likely made money...

    But what if you missed that all?

    Would you buy Bitcoin at $1?

    Most likely, you wouldn't.

    Back then, you couldn't buy anything with it, you couldn't exchange it and most looked at it like a sci-fi. Heck, they barely bought a pizza for 10,000 BTC.

    Yes, that's a true story.

    However, an ordinary guy like you gets an opportunity as well.

    An opportunity to be bold
    If you entered crypto in December, you had a huge fucking bull run until early January. Then, when everybody wanted to join the flock... only me, yours truly, D man from Blockchain Whispers told you - get out of crypto, move to usd.

    Those who listened got out at btc over $14k... and are able to buy more now at 6k.

    I made calls that made you 20x in this bearish times (NPXS), I made a bunch of those 2-5x (Theta, ont, zil, bnb,...)

    I made the first prediction about what will be listed on Coinbase, among a bunch of other things, and now... I did it all with the care of people like yourself.

    I could have easily focused on getting funds and trading it, but I always wanted to share my edge, my accuracy, my team's ability with you... because I have a big disrespect towards big banks, corporate conservative rats, and men who hide behind suit and ties to 'legally' lobby you away from your freedoms.

    Bitcoin is the first opportunity for ordinary men like you to get rich beyond your wildest dreams... and this is something I want to remember I helped you to do so. Of course, I want to get really rich myself too, however, I think, we together, can do it in a more attractive way than by the way big banks are doing for centuries - by forcing you to use them, and giving you nothing, gambling your money, with zero responsibility.

    If you would all come to your bank now to withdraw, bank wouldn't be able to give you your money. Why? Because they use your money to trade for themselves, paying you anywhere between nothing to just inflation costs...

    And poor brainwashed guys accepted that as 'okay'.

    Bitcoin is the first technological edge where you can get rich.

    I am contacted by MAJOR funds recently, since I made strong ties with the Bitmex Sicario Cartel...

    if I can help them as their analysts and traders are losing money.

    In these bear times no one knows what to do... except VERY few people.
    Admittedly even I had an adjustment period, but I then rose up with a vengence - becoming better, more accurate than ever.

    And now, you have a chance to follow me, my trades, trades of my team.

    All I want from you is to ask yourself how serious you want it?

    If you are serious, jump up, come on:
    and inspect the past trades. Ask yourself how would you do... if you would have these trades again from trade #1 - like my loyal followers did.

    Ask yourself, how will you do if it continues the same way for the next 10-20 trades...

    And if you agree you will benefit from it, then I invite you to fucking take it seriously like a pro - study, join Premium, go read the chatroom, prepare....

    and hopefully brother, you with me... we have a celebration with chicks those fatcats can only dream about!

    Here's for an unstoppable ordinary man!

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