Progress, Plans And Pussies

'I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have' - Thomas Jefferson

Right now, many quit. Rightfully so. Crypto might die completely, although I don't believe in that. However, I'm one persistent mofo.

The good thing for my followers is in early Jan, I told everyone who was in crypto with borrowed money to quit - loudly and clearly.

The odds are you are in with the money you can afford to lose... and more importantly, use.

'use' to make something amazing with it if you succeed.

But if you do succeed, succeed greatly!

I was never interested in stocks. 10-20% gains and in 10 years you are rich... is not my style.

I rather fail and sweat and risk... but if I succeed... that I do so great, beyond wildest expectations of stock-investor mentality.

In my previous business I was a slow starter.. I worked through unimaginable challenges... that sometimes it was even funny of how 'bad luck' can strike...

but then when success came, I bought a Lambo, a house, a nightclub with two months earnings!

And the Lambo taught me... that

Most Men Never Live

I was not the only guy with Lambo in town - but I was the only one driving a dog in it!

I had a crazy, biting, big breed 3-month puppy... that was the best dog in the world for me, I shit you not.

It was so hyperactive mofo that he would bite my shoes, bark, piss on the floor, ... everything... but when I brought back a smoking hot chick that worked as a hostess in my club... a nice round bubbly ass, tight, petite submissive nympho.. my dog went quiet and peaceful the moment I started...  .. playing chess with her! 

That moment I knew it - this dog is for me!

And since then we were nonseparable friends. We both are loyal. Me loyal as a dog and he - the dog.

Then I saw one idiot with Lambo who would go into some city with a truck, carrying Lambo, got it down, polish it - ride it around the city, then pack it up again, transport it back... 

the Lambo owned him!

I said to myself, the moment it starts being a burden for me - I'm selling that thing.

So I believe I had more fun with it than most guys worrying about it ever do.

I never drove one single gold digger in it - though I had epic opportunities!

Later I crashed it (also an epic story, not so epic crash) -- light crash, 50 miles from the destination where I was about to sell it anyway.

The guys couldn't get it why I sold it - 
First of all, if you haven't driven a supercar, here's a hint... it's shakey.
Second, whenever, wherever you leave it, anywhere.. you know there is people around it.

The reason I sold it though - was to punish myself.

After years spent trying to make my business successul, and years of miserable failures, I finally did it - I made it so big that we were making more than Google per employee!  Not many employees though. Me doing most of the work.

I got lazy, I was partying too much with easy chicks spending hard money... and that was the first time I felt depressed.

For the first time, in my life... I felt depressed when I had the most and bought it all.

Two years have passed and I couldn't get myself to get back to work. I didn't want it anymore. I couldn't go back doing the same thing that I brought to the top in the industry. I ended up doing a pretty epic thing that I'll feel good for (or stupid) in the many years to come - I GAVE it to our young and eager manager and to my partner. No money. Just gave it.

I went trading.

Crypto... and I got quite fast quite good at it. Got the good guys around it... and got good luck with it.

Then Blockchain Whispers came to life.

And again the same story... the moment I started with Blockchain Whispers, the bear times began.. dipping and dipping, neverending dip.

But I enjoy every second of it... because I see loud guys who I wanted to outperform, asking around about 'Blockchain Whispers guy'... many disappearing... and even those not disappearing, they are not doing anything now... while me... 


I am building more for you than you can imagine.

You will soon see some of the results.

So many surprises... and completely ready to fail!

If crypto disappears, I'll know I built something epic I am proud of.
If crypto succeeds - well Blockchain Whispers will be the first and the most useful resource for trader's edge on the planet. You will soon see what I am bringing to you from fundamental's side of things. You'll not be able to ignore it during your trading days.

I am so excited, because good luck or bad luck, you never know.. I am grateful I got this 'time' to build everything properly... while everyone else is lazy.

I am not quitting. I am evolving. And you are with me.

Together, we will succeed.. and weak hands will disappear.

I do agree that for most of my followers, now is not a good time for trading. I am applying for our premium group a crisis-trading protocol... the one that gives us a chance to be successful even in most bearish times... and that particularly isn't for everyone as it requires discipline. 

The Ten Trade Challenge will prove whether we are successful or even we should stop trading for a while... we are on the fourth trade currently... as soon as the ten are done, I'll inform you here.

In the meantime, this is the plan:

Make Blockchain Whispers the most valuable, most important website for crypto trading edge. Check - in progress!

Keep Blockchain Whispers the most accurate crypto signals website on the planet - in progress (Ten Trade Challenge active!)

Prepare to lead my Blockchain Whispers followers to success and glory beyond ordinary in case bitcoin doesn't fall below $1300 levels (last line of defense!)... check check!

Even if the shit does happen, and crypto gets rekt and all gets rekt... I'll still be biting, pushing, building... until our Blockchain Whispers edge is so great that we can transfer it across markets, across platforms... and I'll take you with me, should you want it.

There is no fun in mediocrity. We either do it, or we don't. And there is no stopping in between.

For now, if you're not premium, my advice is save money, spectate, enjoy life, go bang some Natashas (that could be contradictory to saving money though!)

If you're in premium, please follow ONLY the Ten Trade Challenge - because this is adjusted for crisis and it's our best game ever.

This is a quite lengthy update of the Blockchain Whispers' work in progress.

This is a call for you to believe. It will be a quite interesting journey if you're in it with your "make-dream-happen" money. If you're in with a borrowed money - then my friend, the odds are really good that you're rekt and that you should sell regardless of how we all think it should go back to 20k.

Be advised, here, you'll know in time, as soon as I know, any developments, and important facts about crypto. Free. Public. Always.

And since you read so far - something from Mr. Y labs - the odds are greater by the day that the ETF will be denied. Bitcoin as such volatile asset doesn't offer trading safety, accountability or storage value beyond strong speculation.

This might be (and probably is) - the bank's deep pocket war on crypto. Banks do keep in pocket governments, and why would SEC or anything else be different. The moment their slow, lazy but rich asses got their grasp around Bitcoin posing a danger to them... their systems of power came to work to bring it below it's support - 1st bringing the ability to short it, second bringing big money in to make the market, and third shorting it...

I don't know how this will end - bitcoin was NOT supposed to fall below 5800 levels, as it is not useful for the store-of-value concept. However, there still is hope. And hope is you, me, and the people.

Right now, the big hope also is the black market. Grey market. They will use bitcoin regardless... Chinese riches take money out of China with crypto.

This will not stop.

And whatever happens, I will not sell my bitcoin. Except to buy a lambo. Or a dog food. Depends on the price and what comes first.

Your friend,

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2 years ago ago
i was one of your first people in and man man we could be brothers in our history and characters

my man for ever i still make money btw Mr M
2 years ago ago
RESPECT for your struggle and combat brother! You are an INSPIRATION.
2 years ago ago
These are best thoughts of reality in a long time in this crypto madness. Your words are optimistic in this pessimistic times and massage that you share. Thanks for all the sweets (content) that you share with us.
2 years ago ago
so,.... does it mean,... crypto mass adoption will be just a dream ???
2 years ago ago
thank you, D man!
2 years ago ago
Hey D Man! Brother your writings is as much as wonderfull as your trading leads! Thank you for both! And for everything mate! Blockchain Whispers Baby!!! Forever! I am Natashing today!