Your Portfolio:

Profitability: Mr. C2: +64,9%, Mr.K: -52,6%, Premium leverage last ten days, total:...


Lions leverage last ten days total:
Mr. K: -100%(the same call that got him liquidated in Premium,
D Man: +298.07%,
total lions: +198.07%

— lions trade less, but more aggressive when the trade starts, so less space for mistakes.

Either way - even with K — for a bonus thing, not counting our super call, +12% over btc in the last ten days + not counting 18% call that hit the target but we had such a large volume that portion didn't get filled... I'd say we are doing fine.

And this service came unexpected to our guys, as still main is this supercall we identified as safer than any other alt out there... designed to 5x within 3 months.

P.S. And somehow I have faith that Mr. K will show you his true colors when he gets a statistical significance (10-20 calls under his belt)