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Presenting You: Blockchain Whispers Binance Trailing Stop Loss ToolImagine you bought something...

Presenting You: Blockchain Whispers Binance Trailing Stop Loss Tool
Imagine you bought something and it spiked even a bit... and you don't know when to sell but don't want to lose money now that you're in profit. You can now setup a trailing stoploss that Binance doesn't want you to have and basically when the coin is going up, you can be adding profits, and when it decides to go down, it automatically fires the sell order.

This is what I started working on months ago when I told you I needed coders. After second attempt, the right coder came, and we did this.

Providing you this completely free of charge to help your trading.

You can access it here:
(go to clone or download, download zip, scroll down for a readme file, follow the instructions)

Warning! You have a github here, sources here as well. My other coder checked it, however I am not a programmer. I am giving this to you for free, and with best intentions. I can't accept any responsibility though. You should test and see for yourself. Always make sure API keys created do NOT allow withdrawals, make sure you test first on smaller trade and make sure you understand how it works. I believe you will find this tool incredibly valuable and profitable.

The PDF file is made for you to understand how it works.

I hope after a little practice this tool becomes your best trading friend.

Feel free to share, modify for your needs. Like my book and my work in this channel, it is free for you to use as you please.