Premiums did 63% with PTOY call! Btw - There are guys I see giving us references back when they...

share our calls. I want to thank you guys.

I came across one channel today that's so nice, the guy is making a nice overview of our HPB call, giving the link back, wishing us all the best to reach 30k people (already double that thanks to good folks!), ... good stuff.

Also almost every time I post a review of a coin, I get contacted by either coin makers or the exchanges, it's a privilege. However, to reduce the amount of pms I get - if I don't get the early news, I don't publish it in my group. This is probably the most powerful telegram channel for crypto in existence, besides maybe Coin Telegraph (although our accuracy is kicking their ass!), and I fully plan to even outgrow them, with your help.

Today I am saying this because I got a pretty cool insider but no permission to share it, and now they made it public, and I said - I don't care - this is not going on Blockchain Whispers - next time, give me the early stuff and allow me to share.

Speaking of which - thank you for trusting me... guys sharing so sensitive stuff, I even wonder how they trust me - and whenever they say not to share, I don't. I never shared one single thing that I wasn't permitted to - I got permissions for all: WPR listing insider, Tron market maker, ... and I rewarded you all (as a thank you!) I know one cool thing about Amazon and it's plans for crypto - but can't share it. This is just for Amazon to know, I know :)

So thank you all Blockchain Whispers loyal followers. Without you, there would be no Blockchain Whispers - I could write analyses for myself, sleep late and party hard haha

First we became the number one most accurate channel in the world, okay, that is thanks to me and my team, then we became the strongest buying power telegram channel that's thanks to you, then we started growing, and I want to see you and me celebrating when we become the biggest, and we will, because people love accuracy and care for people. We got both!

Lately we are getting shitload of media coverage, and I thank you for that. Guys, you made Blockchain Whispers. Who made our book #1 bestselling book on crypto? Not me, you did. Your support. Your appreciation!

The next one should have a stripper pole on it's cover and be called: "Natasha's Secret" - so let people wonder why it became on top of all crypto books. You will know. They won't...

(new members, scroll up not to miss the big boobies of Natasha associated with crypto wins Blockchain Whispers is making!)

All right, all right - I'm shorting bitcoin... there you go - a call for you... it can pump or it doesn't have to but I'm not out until the 6k is hit... Premiums have more directions and Lions even more... but who's thinking of you. Go for a win!


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