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Premium group just got the btc update, here's the short version for you: we are heading for one...

more dip near 6k and then the full recovery of Bitcoin. Eta I don't know. Also, if it will be slightly under 6k or slightly over.. the point is, then is your time to rebuy and celebrate all the way up! All the way up!

This is my final btc update - It will make it round ten accurate predictions (actually eleven because it will fully touch 6k level and it will go upwards to full recovery after that). I gave you this in bearish times because you needed it, now after this last rebuy - we focus on alts, profits time to set new records, in profits!

Soldiers, it was a tough battle for most, many died, but we, the elite Blockchain Whispers division, we spent most of the time in strip bars by outsmarting the enemy. We had a couple of tough periods when some fat strippers sat on our laps, but in general, we went through this storm more easily than any outsider. And now it's done! Now a final rebuy is on the horizon and we are bullish baby!

So do yourself a final favor, a test for the medal of honor... ask yourself: who was accurate in bearish times, who was with you in bearish times when everyone else found some excuse not to be here... so know who you will listen in bullish times. Others are just doing a guesswork.