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Please note - Blockchain Whispers is a special group. You know the rule 80-20 where 80% of action...

comes from 20% of people?

BCW has professionals monitoring it fast as within 30 seconds of my every post at least 500 people see it, and because of my overposting, it is only super-active, pro traders who profit from it.

Right now I am still on a crossroad, where I can't post signals due to huge following (and you know I'm not a fan of pumps). All people can never be right, so my signals are going to continue coming in form of important news hidden within the posts.

We do what is good for crypto, and in the process... we get gains and cash-in on an edge this group has over some tweeter, facebook 'like-hunters'.

(There are good guys on twitter, fb just very few compared to the majority who just publishes stuff to get likes and gossips)