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Perfect play! the coin didn't pump one bit as it's big volume and we bought into the dip... so we...

all got it at the right price... and those who came with the bots, programmed to sell on you, are now re-considering whether to fuck with bcw followers :)

Alright... now speaking about fucking... premium call will probably have a pump as it's lower cap coin and premiums have a buy power... and I arranged a free money for Premiums also... because we setup our signal delivery bot so that leakers get it with slight delay...
if you don't have money for premium follow free channel. I think I'm contributing enough. As I see it, if you go and buy from leakers, you deserve to get rekt... so I make sure to charge you for it...

A fair play. I make sure everyone who really wants, that with the help of this free channel can afford Premium.. results speak for themseles.


Also there are channels, quite many that relay our message, most without our credits. They are mostly late. With time, people find out who the original is. I don't bother with it anymore. It's a flattery.

It means we, me and you and the team are doing something worth following!