People shit on John Mcafee - a weird guy, this that... tell me, who isn't weird? Isn't a guy who...

is just 25 year old driving under the speed limit weird?
who never lived for a moment of his life...

isn't a guy who thinks jerking off is a sin - weird?


isn't a guy who jerks off 10 times a day weird?

we are all weird... but see what the guy did for crypto - 'oh, shame on him! he got rich along the way!'... but so did the fatcat bankers, and they are not pro-crypto, pro freedom at all.

Think before you judge. It's easy with other man's dick to beat around the bush... it's easy behind the screen to play keyboard warriors... truth is - a guy like Mcafee is more competent, capable, than 90%+ of his haters.

When Mike Tyson boxes... at least hundred thousand people claim they could beat him in the ring... behind the screen... while in real life most of those people would wet their pants if they would have to enter into a ring with Mike.

Haters instead should ask themselves, what the fuck constructive did they do lately?

This is crypto - fucking chicks is okay here, no longer your brainwashed no-no by mainstream media. Drinking booze is also fine, as there is no boss to come and tell you — "hey instead of btc you bought bitconnect you fool"... it's a direct form of nature - we pay for our mistakes, we send to the wrong wallet, we do a mistake... we pay for it... and at the same time, if drinking doesn't hurt us... we can do it, even if our neighbour forgets his name after the first glass.

You think you're saint?

It's destructive. Here in crypto you're here for you.

Use this wonderful opportunity to craft the life you were afraid to live before. You love drinking? Well, drink.

It isn't my style, but I respect if you manage to work and drink.

I'm not saint either.

As much as hungover takes from your day... so does banging Natashas... I love chicks, I think I could look at boobs all day, it's such an antistress for me.


Maybe. But at the same time not that I give a fuck.

You are here for you - you can choose to be destructive and mind other people's problems - be jealous of John, Bill or someone else... or you can fucking do your own thing.

Bill gates doesn't skate better than Tony Hawk.

Heck Bill can't afford with all the money in the world, a freedom that a military pilot can when he flies in a superfast fighter jet where his heart wants... I bet they get such a hard on!

Yes, someone can fly Bill, but he can't pilot, because he doesn't know how to.

I saw an old man in an argument recently.. a son attacked him: "who are you to give advice, what do you have to show for it, what did you accomplish in your life"... and he responded: "I have everything. I have you. I have your mother, we are married for over 50 years!"

not every man has the same aspirations in life... same goals or motivators.

Usually, the richest men are not the happiest... it is about life and balance. If I'd have to choose between love life and crypto life, well fuck crypto and bitcoin and all that stuff.

The confusion starts when folks realize we all need money for living... true, but we don't all need the same amount of money. We would all want to be celebrities for a day and bill gates for a day.. but tell me, would you really want to watch when going to toilet that all shades are down as some papparazi might put it in front of millions of people or be rich that you can't walk anywhere without people wanting something from you, whether by your mercy, or by their force, or by undermining you or bullshit.

People lack the ability to take responsibility.

John predicted bitcoin up and it didn't go up — is John to blame for your 100x leverage up, it's you to blame? If you truly don't like someone you can here easily unfollow. But if you follow and bitch, question your own self.

And also... smile :)

We live in the best times in human history. Dinosaur won't eat you alive. You don't sleep on the street. You don't have to hunt to survive. You will, most likely, live past the age of 25. everything else is a bonus.

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